How Can You Cancel Your StockX Order?

How Can You Cancel Your StockX Order?

StockX is a great marketplace to buy sneakers, clothing, and accessories. As StockX is a vast marketplace, according to Forbes, the StockX Sneaker exchange is worth 1 Billion dollars. Despite this, you cannot cancel your order, and in this article, you will know How to cancel my StockX Order.

You are lucky if your Bid/Ask just got accepted, but vice-versa if it’s for the wrong product, you don’t want. Now, what to do? Can you cancel it, yes but in some scenarios only.

Can You Cancel Your Order on StockX?

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The short answer is, ‘Once you have placed the order, you cannot cancel it; it can only be cancelled if the seller hasn’t sent the product to StockX for authentication.’

But the detailed explanation is:

StockX is a vast marketplace, and to maintain its integrity, StockX has some ethics. Like, to provide only authenticate products to the buyer, it has transparent rates, like any marketplace.

Because of its desire to be a respectable marketplace, all the process needs a proper system. And like any other e-commerce store, this system is automated. Once your order is confirmed, the seller sends the product to StockX, then they authenticate it, and then ship it to you.

StockX doesn’t want disturbance in this process; that’s why StockX asks to be confirmed before buying the product.

But what will happen if it’s an accidental order?

What to do to Cancel Your StockX Order (If it’s an accidental order)

Suppose you’ve placed the order and don’t want it or can’t afford it. So, what can you do, and what StockX says about it?

You can do these two things to cancel your StockX Order:-

Of course, the first thing you can do is, ask StockX to cancel it.

 #1 Ask StockX to cancel your order.

If you have mistakenly placed the order or wrong order or sizes, you can email StockX and request them, that was a mistake, and you don’t want that product.

You can StockX Support team at

Although it’s not in their system to handle this query, you can ask them maybe it work. Another option is to ask them in their public plea, like mention them on Twitter and ask them to help you.

Stockx Twitter Handle: @stockx

#2 StockX Solution on Accidentals orders

StockX says that they can’t cancel your order; you have to take it once it’s placed. But, the solution is to take the delivery and Resell the product on StockX. Maybe you can sell it at a profit.
Also, the product is StockX Authentic, so you can sell it on other websites by mentioning that it’s a StockX Authentic Product. So, by StockX, this is the only solution to resell it.

Final Thoughts

In this post, you have found why StockX won’t cancel your order after the bidding. And some possible solutions to help you out. The two things you can now do is to email them and tell them your problem on Social Handles.

Another rare exception is that the seller won’t give the product to StockX for Authentication; in this scenario, the seller can face a penalty or, in some cases, suspension of the account.

At last, if these things don’t work, you have to take the order and resell it on StockX Again, as advised by StockX. StockX also doesn’t have any return policy due to its market rates.

To Resell it, you can use StockX also or any other website. Another simple thing you can do to resell the item is to try to sell it on social media, much more accessible, maybe in your network, someone wants to buy it.

Thanks for reading; we are also upscaling our content quality; we would love to have your feedback!

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