Can You Go To Jail For Not Paying Afterpay?

Can You Go To Jail For Not Paying Afterpay

Quick Answer: You can go to jail for not paying the Afterpay payment but this will not happen if you skip a single payment. if you are continuously skipping the payments for a long time. Then the company will take some legal action against you.

Can You Go To Jail For Not Paying Afterpay Installments?

As a matter of fact, Afterpay is a very famous payment method. It is very popular among users as it gives freedom to the users to pay later.  With your afterpay account, you can buy anytime online installments.

So it is like a buy now pay later scheme. But you have to pay the installment on time every month. This billing service has some benefits and some disadvantages too.

The most common question that people ask is can you go to jail for not paying afterpay? Here in this article, we will try to find the answer to this question. It is the most asked question about afterpay. Because this is the first thing that comes in the mind, everybody.

Afterpay Payment And The Credit Score

After-pay affects the credit score because you can use afterpay by adding your credit and debit card. So first you have to create an afterpay account and then you have to add your credit card to that. after that, you can buy anything online on EMI. But if you overdue payments then it will lower your credit score.

On the other hand, if you will pay the installment on time then it will increase your credit score. And also the credit limit of your card will increase.

Consequences Of Paying Late To Afterpay

Here are some consequences that you will face if you delay any payment of the afterpay. If you don’t pay after pay then these are the problems that you will face. These are common. But if you have a very high amount of afterpay to be paid then the consequences will be different.

  • Lower Credit Limit- Your credit card limit decides how many accounts you can spend from afterpay. If you will delay the payments then this limit will decrease. This will affect your future purchases from afterpay.
  • Late Interest Charged– If you will pay the overdue payment then you will be charged extra. You have to give this extra amount as a fee. this fee will add to your installment payment. And will reflect in your afterpay account.
  • Shut Down The Afterpay Account- If you will not pay the afterparty installment. Then there are chances that they will ban your account. And you will not be able to form any afterpay account in the future.

To avoid these consequences it is very important to pay the afterpay payment on time. Try not to avoid any payments of the afterpay. As it will affect you in long term.

Can Police Catch You For Not Paying Afterpay?

The answer to this question is yes. But this will not happen instantly. If you will not pay the installments for a very long time then the company will take legal action against you.

And the first step for these actions will be getting caught by the police. Then they will run a legal court case against you. And you have to pay the fee with interest to the afterpay. So afterpay does not only affect the credit history but it can cause you some serious legal conditions.

Is Afterpay safe?

Afterpay purchase is safe and it is a very convenient platform. If you pay the installment on time then it is the best platform for you. You can adjust the installment according to yours. You can set the limit of the installment all by yourself.

So afterpay is among the most trusted platforms. And there is no chance that it will close soon. So you can trust this platform and start using this for payments. But remember this will work only for online item purchases.


In conclusion, here is what happens when you skip an installment payment of the afterpay. If you are using this platform you have to be very punctual about the installment system. Try to pay one or two days early. This will help you in increasing your credit score as well.

Here are all the punishments that you can get after skipping the installments of the afterpay. Try to avoid all those situations. And if you cannot afford the find then try to borrow it from somewhere. Otherwise, you have to pay the amount with interest.

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