Can Florida condo insurance exclude water damage?

Can Florida condo insurance exclude water damage

Do you want to know can Florida condo insurance exclude water damage? Condo insurance does cover the water damage. but they only cover specific circumstances. if the water damage is by rain and flood, it will not give any compensation. Here is the complete guide to covering the water damage for condo insurance.

Condo insurance and water damage cover guide

Water damage claims are one of the most complicated insurance claims. Insurance companies do not approve of every water damage. There are some specific conditions in which coverage for water damage is approved. The same goes for condo insurance in Florida. They do cover water damage for all the homeowner’s insurance policies. But they have certain conditions too.

You can not say that the insurance company will approve this water damage because they send their insurance agent (Insurance broker) to check the condition thoroughly and then decide what to do. Due to this the water damage compensation takes the most time to receive. Here we will answer the most asked question: can Florida condo insurance exclude water damage? To know more about this make sure you stick to the very end.

Conditions when the water damage is covered by the insurance companies

Florida homeowners insurance covers the water damage under certain conditions only. Usually, the damage resulting in sudden accidents is covered by insurance companies. Here are the cases where home insurance will give compensation for the water damage.

1) In the event that a water pipe bursts in your home. This happens suddenly and condo insurance companies send their agents to repair that as well as pay the compensation amount to that.

2) If the water is leaking from the house roof then the insurance company will cover the water damage. But the leaking should be new and very old.

3) The best thing about condo insurance is that they cover the water damage that happens due to mold.

Hence all these cases are sudden and accidental so they are covered under the condo insurance claims. Still, the insurance company makes sure that all the damage is accidental damage.  Hence the process takes some time to complete.

Does Florida condo insurance cover or exclude water damage?

Condo homeowner’s insurance covers both property damage and water damage. Unlike other insurance policies, it covers both interior and exterior damage that happens due to water. But as mentioned above the water damage should be sudden and accidental. You can not claim water damage that happens due to the flood and all.

If the insurance agent will see that the damage could have been fixed before the disaster then the insurance claim will reject. So, condo insurance does not cover every water damage. Only specific ones are covered under their policy. Of course, The best thing to do is to read the actual physical copy of the insurance policy as well. Everything is mentioned in that. So read carefully.

When does insurance exclude water damage?

Of course, there is a possibility that the insurance company may reject your claim due to water damage. Here are the circumstances in which the water damage is excluded by the insurance companies. As a result of this rule, all insurance companies are subject to it. Due to this fact, it is not different from one company to another as a result.

  • Flooding
  • Damage due to heavy rain
  • Poorly maintained water pipes
  • Ground seepage

If you’re living in a high-risk area for flooding and all. Then you have to purchase flood insurance. This insurance will only cover damage that happens due to flooding. Flood insurance is very expensive compared to other insurance policies.

How to fill claims for water damage?

Usually, it takes more than one week to get the compensation amount after accepting your claim. So to fill the claim, you should have solid proof. As soon as the damage happens. Click every picture and make videos of the damage. After that fill the claim immediately. In addition, When they come to check on you, you should show them your videos and photos as well.

In general, when you have the related proof, it becomes impossible for them to reject your claim for anyone. Most of the claims were rejected because of the lack of evidence. So, you can make sure you collect plenty to show them.

Why having homeowners insurance necessary?

If you are living in a damage-prone area then it is almost impossible to live without an insurance policy. The insurance policy covers most of the damage. Hence you have to spend less on the damage. Areas like Florida all have more disasters than any other state.

Always compare the insurance policies coverage before finalizing one. Some of the insurance companies give more benefits at the same price. So talk with your insurance agent. The insurance policy that he will recommend to you will depend on your budget, and he will help you make the right choice. If you will buy an insurance policy after the damage then the insurance company will automatically reject your claim.


In conclusion, a condo insurance policy does cover water damage but under certain conditions only. If those conditions do not apply to your damage then your claim is rejected by the company. Here is everything you need to know about the water damage claims and why they get rejected.

Follow all the above-mentioned instructions if you do not want to reject your insurance claim.

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