Best laptops for hacking in 2023

Best laptops for hacking in 2020

Hacking is always portrayed in movies and Tv shows as some activity out of this world. And one theme is common in those a Guy and his Laptop. Did you ever think about how the hacker computer is different than yours? Indeed, They do not use it to watch YouTube or Do excel sheets. In this article, I’ll share with you the best laptop for hacking. And also add my two cents to tell you what makes a hacking laptop other than hardware. I suggest you grab a cup of coffee; And read along with the whole article as I will share complex information in a very simple manner.

Types of Hacker

Hacking is a very vague term. The word does not mean anything specific. For example, Taking a shorter road to a mountain trek is also a hack. And breaching into a high-security data server is also hack. When we are referring to the hacking term on the internet, We are most likely referring to the cybersecurity.

And cybersecurity has many fields in which you could be proficient. Below I have shared with you some of the most common types of hackers. Identifying what you are going to do as a hacker is essential. To choose the right laptop for you. Because different filed require unique hardware specifications. Though for this article you do not have to worry about that, Because the best laptop for hacking that I have shared with you are capable in all the cyber security domain.

Black Hat Hacker

Black Hat Hacker refers to the illegal hacking and breaching done by an anonymous hacker. Such hackers mostly work with limited hardware specifications. But have a high level of technical knowledge. They can have a big system with limited resources and mostly involved themselves in actives that are prohibited under cyber law.

White Hat Hacker

White Hat Hacker is people that either work independently or with some cyber security companies. Such people work closely to develop anti-virus and decrypt information for resolving malicious code. These types of hackers work legally and are bound with their work into the legal framework.

Grey Hat Hacker

Grey Hat Hacker is the people in the middle. They also work with private companies to develop anti-virus. And also work illegally to do the hideous crime. Such hackers have a proper workstation in their offices. But they are also capable of hacking from a single laptop. And do significant damage in the cyber world.

Top 4 best laptop for hacking

Here is the complete list of the best laptop for hacking. I have listed below the laptops with different price ranges. You can choose according to your need. Many of this comes with windows and one MacOS. but you can install Linux on them. Or run a virtual machine before you install the Linux on the local drive.

1) Apple MacBook Pro Core i5 7th Gen

MacBook is one of the first choices for any hacker. The reason being the device is run on the Unix code. Linux also works with Unix. The hardware and software integration of mac is flawless and you’ll face no issue working with the machine. If you choose this laptop you can work in almost all fields.


Core I5

128 GB SSD


Price: ₹1,12,990

2)HP 15 8th Gen Intel Core i5 Processor 15.6-inch FHD Laptop

HP laptops are a sign of trust. This one is one of the budget beasts. You get an i5 processor that can handle many high intensive tasks. And with 8GB ram, you’ll not face any lag.




1 TB Storage

Price: ₹ 46,990.00

3) Lenovo Ideapad S340 10th Generation Intel Core i3

Lenovo is the brand famous for the quality built of its hardware. If you are tight on a budget this can be a very good choice. It comes with SSD that will load your software superfast.


Core I3

256 GB SSD


Price: ₹ 40,490.00

4) Dell Inspiron 3493 14-inch FHD Thin & Light Laptop

I’m adding dell because the company is still the king in producing quality hardware. The support of the company is ingenious and very professional. And this budget laptop is a great choice for beginners hackers.


Core I5

1 TB Storage


Price: ₹ 44,990.00

Types of Hacking and scope

Military Hacking

Military hacking refers to the use of software in developing military hardware offensive and defensive both.  For example, Developing software that can detect a missile and confuse the system to do not land on the ground. This is one of the most profitable types of hacking. But it also requires many hardware specifications. Of course, what I suggested from the best laptop for hacking will be a good start but not enough. And also there are many legal hurdles that you need to face. Do detailed research beforehand you start with this type of hacking. Because you can also be charged with treason. If you are not in contact with your local military cyber team.

General Hacking

General hacking refers to all types of low-level hacking. This includes hacking websites, Apps, Server. Such hacking is pretty common and one of the most favorable choices of new hackers. There are tons of tutorials floating on the internet for the same. Learning this type is very easy. Because there are much software and tools that help you in the process. For general hacking, you could choose any laptop from the list.

Artificial Intelligence

This is the goldmine of the future. If you truly want to make yourself future proof. Then learning this skill is absolutely a must. There are very few people working in this domain. And the industry is going to produce some of the highest-paying jobs in the world. Through AI we are going to see automatic cars, Robots, and much more amazing stuff. But as they are automatic we need to be 150% sure about the security of them. And this can only be possible if there are good AI hackers.

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