Best Apps and Tricks To Spy WhatsApp 2020 | See Chats of anyone.

Best Apps and Tricks To Spy WhatsApp 2020 | See Chats of anyone.

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Best working apps to spy on WhatsApp 2020

Whatsapp is one of the most downloaded apps and the best apps to share anything. The simple interface attracts everyone. Jan koum sold it to Facebook in 2014. It was being more popular from then.

It became more and more encrypted now. But, still many people are spying on each by using some expensive and mind-blowing hacks. In Whatsapp, everything is with end to end encryption. We can see a message on the app on every chat and every call.

But, still, many hackers are doing their works without any physical access to the victim’s device. There are few apps and also some dark sites which help in doing this.

It became more and more encrypted now. But, still many people are spying on each by using some expensive and mind-blowing hacks.

In Whatsapp application, everything is with end to end encryption. We can see a message on the app on every chat and every call. But, still, many hackers are doing their works without any physical access to the victim’s device. There are few apps and also some dark sites which help in doing this.

^ Without Physical Access

If you have physical access to the victim’s mobile for 3-4 minutes, then, you can check directly go to Whatsapp and can check the message directly. But, see, It will definitely take more time to check all in 2-3 minutes.

Transferring all chats Using Database Trick.

This method doesn’t require downloading any apps or anything.

When you get the access, follow the steps below,

Step-1: When you get the victim’s device, immediately open the WhatsApp app and go to the settings by clicking on the three dots on the top right corner.

Step-2: Choose Chats and click on chat-backup at the bottom.

Step-3: Then, you can see Backup in a green box. Click on it. Don’t think that this backs up chats to Google Drive. But actually, it backs up to the internal storage.

Step-4: Now, go to FileManager/Internal Storage. If you can’t any option like that, download any file manager from the play store.

Step-6: Scroll to the bottom and select the folder titled Whatsapp.

Step-7: Then, go to the second folder tilted Databases and you can see a file or files in a format that we can’t open directly.

Step-8: Press and long hold on those files, select all, and share them in any convenient way. ( If there is only one file, don’t worry all messages will be embedded in that. If you find more, better share them all).

Step-9: Better go with Gmail because the victim may not check the sent mails. Also, if you got better delete them from the sent box. If you can’t find them, check-in outbox.

Step-10: Now, Download{The Downloaded files from Gmail will be stored in default downloads folders}  them in your mobile and place them in the same place that is File Manager>Whatsapp>Databases. Place them in the same folder. If you can’t find the folder, create one Database.

Step-11: After placing, open your Whatsapp and you will get a message about backing up data. Click on proceed. Now, after completion, you can see new chats embedded in your chats. Those are the victim’s chats between some other person and the victim. Sometimes, you will also get the other person’s contact.

If this isn’t working, replace whole folders of Databases, Backup from the victim’s mobile to your mobile, and make sure your chats and all are backed up already.

We can share these with a new device and when we open WhatsApp newly on it, automatically all those share files will be converted into WhatsApp chats on the app.

#1 Using iKeyMonitor 2020

First of all, sign up for the iKey Monitor here.

Link for signing up: iKey Monitor _ Home

It’s available for both iPhone and Androids.

After signing up,  Turn of Google Play Protects in both your mobile and victim’s mobile.

Then Go to settings and then click on google. Find security and select Google Play Protect. Then, turn off the option Scan device for security threats.

Also, better block notifications of Google Play Store and other security apps.

Now, Download the iKey Monitor android APK and install it. ( Allow Unknown Sources in the Settings >Security Settings). Then you can allow a few dialogues which pop up during installation.

Allow permissions like reading, capture, edit, call, etc which will be asked when you open the app for the first time.

Also, enable accessibility, unrestricted data usage, turn off battery restriction and optimization, etc in the app settings.

So, in order to keep this app out of knowledge to the victim, hide the icon of the app in victim’s device, and set a password/ PIN.  Also, delete the web history and download history in the victim’s device.

Now, you can log in to your account in your device and start monitoring the victim.

It will look like,

Spy Whatsapp iKeyMonitor 2020 App

#2 Minspy- Phone and Tablet Spy/Monitoring 

Website: – Home

This app is available for both Android and iOS.

You can sign up for free but you have to buy the premium version. It costs 49.99$ for one month, 69.99 $ for three and 119.99 $.

You can also go for basic at 39.99 $ per month, 59.99 $, and 99.99 $ for three and twelve months respectively.

There is another option named family which starts at 69.99 $ per one month and 99.99 $, 199.99 $ for 3 and 12 months.

If you got 2 or more mobiles to be tracked, then you can better choose the family pack.

You can spy on the whole android device with this app.

Here is a demo of the app,

Minspy Spy App on Whats app

Steps to install Minspy App

 Step-1: First up all, you can create an account and get registered on Minspy on the official site. Remember, you need to purchase the subscription which may not go easy with your pocket. (Minimum pack is basic 1 month at 39.99 $).

Step-2: On the first page of the registration, enter the Nickname and select the platform whether Android or iOS.

From step 3, you have to do this on the victim’s device.

Step-3: Do the remaining process just like the above iKeyMonitor. Remove Google Play Protect and turn on Accessibility settings for Minspy.

Step-4: Also, turn off notifications from Google Play Store and other security apps.

Step-5:  Now, download the app from the website and make sure that you delete history and notifications.

Step-6: Read all privacy policy and EULA stuff and agree to them and then log in to your MinSpy account which you have created before ( with a paid subscription).

Step-7: Now, this is the last step on the target’s device.

Allow all the dialogues which came after opening the app. All are safe and trusted but in case, If you miss/ deny any one of them, MinSpy may not work. After that, hide the app. You can do it in the app itself. After hiding, the app will be no more visible to the victim.

Step-8: You can call **001** to unhide/ open the app.

Step-9: Now, you have to install MinSpy on your device or PC. Then, log in with the same account.

Step-10: So, now you can monitor every move of the victim by using the dashboard on your device.

You will be directly redirected to it immediately after logging in.

The demo will look at the above figure.

^ Without Physical Access

The below apps will help in spying WhatsApp without the target device or without any physical access.

First of all, let’s go with some hacking sites which are available online for free.

#3 _ Online WhatsApp Hack Link 2020 without target device

Another similar site that helps in hacking Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media

This is one of the online WhatsApp hack links which is working in 2020/21.

Then you can open the link, select the country and enter the WhatsApp number of the person on whom you want to spy and click on the red colored tab titled Hackear WhatsApp.

If the URL in other languages, which you can’t understand, try changing the language by using a pop up on your left bottom of the screen where you change to English.

It will take some time for the process of extraction. Once, it’s get completed you will get all details on the screen including chats, all media, voice notes, and the whole size of the whole file to download.

Then you can download from any server. Server 2 is recommended.  That’s it, the download will start after 4-5 secs.

But, instead of downloading, if you get any trading ads after clicking on the download link, better leave the site. It’s all sponsored shit and trying to make you register on it. Try again 3-4 times and if still the same ad popups, just leave it.

#4 EspiarWapp _Whatsapp Spy Free Hack Link Online

This is also the same as the previous one.

Hint: This site shows Indian numbers starting with “ 6 “ as invalid ( Mostly, Jio numbers start with 63, will be invalid).

1) After opening the link, select the country and enter the victim’s WhatsApp number.

2) Then, you can click on SpyNow, and then it will try to get all the details of the victim.

3) Download it from either Server 1 or Server 2.

(Warning: If it opens up with any page which is asking for credit/ debit card details, please, never fill them. Just exit the page. They all are phishing pages that will rob your bucks.)

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