Basics of Pathfinder: Kingmaker Before You Start Your Adventure


Want to play the Pathfinder Kingmaker game? Don’t know where to start? This article will help you with all the basics of Pathfinder Kingmaker that will guide your game.

All You Need To Know Basics of Pathfinder: Kingmaker Before you start On Your Adventure

Here are all the points you need to know before start playing.

Change of position

To move the characters in the game play to the desired location you need to click on that place or destination. The characters will move automatically after your click. A certain symbol is used to mark the destination you have selected. If the destination that you have selected is unreachable then that sign will be shown to the nearest reachable location.

To exit an area you need to search for the door sign from where you can move to the new area.

To set the position in the map of stolen lands and the vicinities click the arrow sign near your character. Moreover, to learn about somebody or something of a location you can talk to the characters whom you will meet during your journey. Once you learn about a new location you need to set your own way. You will have several encounters with new characters with whom you need to either talk to them to take them down or else fight. You also need to fight down many monsters along your path. Some companion you will get in your way that will help you with some tools equipment or tips. Once you exit from a certain encounter location you cannot get back there.

Camera Movement

For moving your camera you can use ‘W’ ‘A’ ‘S’ ‘D’ or the arrow keys. By pressing the middle wheel in the mouse you can do the same.

Basic encounter

Basic encounter


Random encounters happens in this game in real-time. But you have the option to pause the game and give instructions to your acquaintance to handle the situation. You can interrupt and resume the game using the space To attack your opponent you need to select it by clicking on them.

Dice rolls for determining circumstances-

Most of the gaming procedure is similar to Pathfinder characterized game and uses the dice rolls to evaluate the process. The most known dice have twenty sides and used to determine random encounters and checks.


When a battle or fight starts the fighting man need to do a capability test. This will help you to choose the characters as higher the capability it will act quickly. You can look into the capability scores in the combat log. Encounters are segregated into turns and each turns stays for six seconds.

Strike roll-

An attack is done when a character wants to strike down its enemy. The outcome of an attack depends on the quality of the weapons, combat capability and many more. If you can overtake the Armor class result then you will succeed in the fight.


The damaged number and attack role is shown in the combat log in case of successful attacks.

Armor class-

If the Armor class of the character is very high it is tough to defeat it in the battle. Some other factors also influence the successful attack such as equipment, bonus, abilities of the characters.


When you won a battle, after that you can loot the dead opponents and many other interactive objects. These objects are highlighted in blue color. You can collect those things by clicking the tab button or by mouse click.

Linzi’s Journal

This journal has the information of the current quest in the game. You can catch up to the current status in the main screen. By pressing the J key you can open the Linz’s journal.


When you get several companions to help you in your journey you can select them by simply clicking on their images or by using the alternatives key from Alt +1 to Alt +6. For selecting a group of characters all you need to do is arrange them in same orders and take them in a single frame. Use Backspace for selecting all characters.


The two casting of the game are Linzi and Tartuccio, have the capacity of casting spell. To use this you need to select the spell menu, from there you select the spell icon then click on the target. For knowing all the spells that a single character have, click on the B key for opening the spell book. In the first free slot of the action panel the new spell will appear when a character acquires. After removing any acquire spell it won’t appear again.

Hit points and healing potions

Hit point or HP are the certain numbers which when becomes zero your character will lose consciousness however, if it tends to be a negative value then your character will die. To restore the HP for your characters you will need healing potions or rest. You need to collect it in the form of trophies you win during a combat or can be brought from the merchants.


The strength scores of a character will determine that how much load it can carry. It will add a negative point during the battle if the character equipment is over weighed .Under the character equipment window you can look into the penalties by pointing on the encumbrance gauge.


During the journey there are several traps in the journey. When you will encounter a trap during your journey there will be an automatic skill check and on successful completion you can identify the trap. Thereafter by pausing the game you can select one of the character to disable or crack the trap. If the character fails to disable the trap it will remain there.

Safe locations

These place are the headquarters where you can rest after or before a war. You can select your companions whom you want in your journey. You can cleave the rest of the companions here. If you get a new companion and do not want that right away then that character will travel to these headquarters.

Level up

After a victory in the battle then you will get some award points. After several battles the character will gain some experience that will allow them a level up. This also increases the hit points of the character.


To gain the lost hit points of the character you need top rest. To set up the camp for resting, click on R or the rest button. If a green line appears on the screen then you set up your camp or if the red line appears then something is not allowing you to rest. Click on the bonfire button to start.

Attacking opportunity

Some actions like casting spells, using ranged equipment, attempt of moving away from opponents can increase the chances of additional attack when it is not the opponent turn.

This tips and guide can help to play the game by remaining one step ahead than your opponents. Keep in mind some of the basics that will help you to crack the game.

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