attrib command in cmd

attrib command to unhide files

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Sometimes your computer will hide files and folders are automatically. Actually, your files are there, but due to system viruses, Unwanted Adware and Malware that can cause hide your system files.

In other cases when use pen drive on your computer suddenly all data and files are crushed or else file hide on your computer.

So in both cases, you need to follow the steps to use to recover your hidden computer files and folders.

This article will help to how to show hidden files using cmd, how to unhide files using cmd, unhide files in USB using cmd, how to attrib using cmd, and cmd attrib command, how to hide folder using cmd, how to remove shortcut virus from pc and pen drive.

attrib show hidden files

In generally attrib command is used to command prompt hide files and unhide files.

The following steps help to use attrib command to unhide files

attrib hidden file

Step 1: At first start command prompt on your windows menu.

type cmd and hit enter

Step 2: After that, you can enter this command in the command prompt window.


(Note: please note that when I entered my command prompt file hide drive letter F. you can change this drive letter whatever you want to like)

cmd change drive letter

Step 3: Then type the attrib command below

 attrib -s -h -r /s /d *.*

Command prompt attrib command

That’s it, now you able to see your hidden files and folders.

pen drive hidden files attrib command

If you want to show pen drive hidden files then, please do the above steps and just change the attrib command in a pen drive letter to find file hide folders.

attrib -s -h -r /s /d G:\*.*

Using attrib command to unhide pendrive files and folders

For example, my pen drive letter is G:\  so I can change the letter.

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