Art in The Age of Algorithms: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Literary Creativity and Essay Creation

    Art in The Age of Algorithms: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Literary Creativity and Essay Creation

    Artificial Intelligence is the new talk of the town. At the moment, AI is revolutionizing every sector, including Health, Business, Tech, and, surprisingly, even the creative industries. In past times, it took a lot for creative people to sit down and develop a piece of art. And just like that, computer technology has taken over the world. While it seems like an incredible invention, creative people are scared that technology has come to take the one thing they love most: their art. However, this article looks into the pros and cons of artificial intelligence and its impact on the creative writing aspect. It explores whether they should be terrified or happy with AI technology.

    Taking Advantage of Essay Service Online

    AI development has influenced the creative sector and the education sector. It is having a significant influence on teaching and learning. Most students end up writing essays with artificial intelligence help. In the long run, they create assignments that AI detectors for papers can figure out. However, research paper writing services online can render human-writing help. By taking an essay service online by PapersOwl, for instance, you can get the best pieces since they have professional writers who help create personalized and AI plagiarism-free work.

    AI might seem like a messiah to these students, but the negative aspect of using AI in learning cannot be overlooked. Most of them don’t even bother to ask for explanations, so long as paper writing apps can help them carry it out. Human assignment writers ask crucial questions regarding it and ensure the students are on the same page with them.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of AI in Writing

    The writer’s mind is a scattered place. It is filled with words and thoughts trying to fix themselves together to make out a puzzle. They feel so good when something is done to them and the little songs of praise that come from those around them. Within the twinkle of an eye, AI technology is taking everything away.

    Pros of AI

    Do writers have to fret, or is there a way of walking hand in hand with machine learning? Here are some advantages of AI:

    Stylistic Opinions and Enhancements

    Humans are prone to minor errors in their work, and technology helps correct those wrongs. In the content creation industry, it creates a balance between editing, proofreading, and correcting specific errors. With machine algorithms, AI tools add some style, remove redundant words, and make a writer’s work more appealing. This particular advantage is heart-touching, as it helps prevent human errors and destructive criticisms from others unaware of how difficult it is to develop compelling essays.

    The advantage of artificial intelligence in the creative writing world is beautiful. It has provided a room where every writer is at the same level – helping new authors navigate the creative industry. AI technology has also helped to increase the productivity of enterprises. Instead of spending time creating pieces from scratch, authors quickly delve into automated systems and get inspiration to personalize their work. While all these sound like a new haven for scribes, the other side of the coin cannot be overlooked.

    Overcoming Writer’s Block

    For example, one of the most annoying moments of curating a research paper is getting stuck looking for the right words and information. Having writing block happens to both creative and assignment writers. What next to inform through my article? Which sentence fits more with this paragraph and so on? However, AI has come to lend a second hand to help authors curate pieces. Presently, a writer quickly gets a research paper template and uses it as a basis for their work.  In the long run, it assists the content creator with one of their most annoying moments.

    Artificial Intelligence Image

    Cons of AI

    Although it seems like a new light, AI also brought its shadow. The disadvantages of robotics are so disturbing that most people wonder what to do with their lives.

    Job Extinction

    If a machine creates well-edited and error-free pieces within seconds, is there still a need for human professional writers? AI has brought about the fear of human devaluation in the literary industry. Many are assured that a machine will replace the art of writing they once cherished.

    Copyright and Ethical Considerations

    If a writer uses artificial intelligence to generate content, is it correct to have the work in the creator’s name? It gives questions about the legal side of writing. Its legally-related part in composing is disturbing. The authors are no longer aware if their names are attached to their work, simply because they used machines to engage their articles.

    Final Words

    The troubles of many writers increase as the days go by. What would become of them is unknown. They are worried about the beautiful uncertainty machine learning has decided to bring along. While these fears are in the minds of all creatives, it is essential to look at the other areas AI technology has impacted – for example, the impact of artificial intelligence on the education world.

    In the long run, humans need to see that AI has a helping hand in painting the world and creating the pieces they wish to own. It should not be considered a threat because it is just a machine. Creative pieces and student essays online writers have something a machine doesn’t – the power to feel emotions and connect with the people who come in contact with their work. So, instead of frightening and worrying, authors need to use such a method to enhance their careers while capitalizing on their ability to feel emotions.


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