An Easy Method to Know if Someone Restricted You on Instagram

An Easy Method to Know if Someone Restricted You on Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media app, recently they’ve introduced a new feature of restricting accounts.

This feature work like this – if someone restricted your profile, then you won’t be able to comment. If you send them a message, they won’t get any notification. Overall, Instagram will try to minimize your interaction, like they won’t see your post or story on their feed.

Now, if someone is blocked you can tell by going to that person’s profile, you won’t be able to see their bio, post, and profile picture.

But the problem with the restriction feature is you can see all these, but you won’t be able to interact.

No worries, there is an easy way to see if someone has restricted your Instagram account or not.

An Easy Method to Know if Someone Restricted You On Instagram

If you really want to know someone who restricted you on Instagram, all you need to do is just comment on their post. If it’s true then only you and the other person who restricted you can see the post comment. Ask your friend or create another account to see if they can see your comment or not.

If from another account you couldn’t see the comments that mean, that person has restricted you.

Although you should check the comment immediately before that person approves your comment. Because once it is approved it can be seen by all. If you have posted a comment and can be immediately seen from another account, that means you aren’t restricted.

The same information is presented in list format, below.

Here’re the steps know if someone restricted you on Instagram –

  • Create Another Account/Ask a mutual friend for an account.
  • Comment on that person’s post, that you think restricted you.
  • You can search the another person’s profile id from your other/fake account
  • Go to that post and then comment section
  • Refresh it, If you see your comment that means you aren’t restricted, if you can’t see the comment then the other person has restricted you.

PRO TIP – If that person has restricted you, they wouldn’t be able to see the person’s activity status. So, check from both the accounts, if you can see the person’s activity status or not. 

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Frequently Asked Question

1. If Someone Restricted You on Instagram Can You See Their Story, Likes, or DM Them

After restricting also, you can see their stories and likes. It will be like a normal experience. However, you cannot DM (Direct Message) them, you won’t appear in their message list, nor they will get notifications for your message, but they can see you in the Message Request section.

2. Can Restricted People Can See Posts on Instagram

Yes, even after restricting the person can see your post, like and comment. However, they won’t be able to post comments or see whether you are online or offline.

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