Amazon Prime Video Login Username and Password free 2020 Log In | Best tricks to buy prime for free

Amazon Prime Video Login Username and Password free 2020 Log In | Best tricks to buy prime for free

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Amazon prime is India’s top trending digital platform. It is getting more popular day by day. Amazon recently introduced 50% Cashback for 18-24 years if they purchase a subscription for annual at 999/-. And also we will get ₹165/- cash back if we purchase/ subscribe for 3 months with ₹ 329/-. This is only applicable for the people aged between 18-24 years. We will also get 100% off up to₹ 75/- on recharges and bill payments for once. That means we will get back all the amount we invested in buying prime. I understood this logic and brought it. I explained it below in a clear manner. And also I have provided some free account usernames and passwords for Amazon Prime( 17 accounts) below. You can grab them if you are in the first 17 views.

Amazon Prime 100% Cash Back Working Tricks

Step-1): Firstly you can buy Amazon Voucher worth ₹ 329/- or you can also pay through UPI to purchase Amazon Prime.

Step-2): Instantly, you will get ₹ 165/- cashback to your Amazon Pay Wallet. Look for some recharge offers.

Step-3): Do a recharge more ₹ 75/- through Amazon pay UPI only. You will get ₹ 75/- instantly.

Step-4): Again, do a bill payment like postpaid or electricity bill which is more than ₹ 75/- and again you will get 75 cashback.

Step 5): You will get around ₹ 320/- if you follow this.

 In case, if you don’t get ₹ 75/- cashback offers, you will have ₹ 50/- for sure. Then, you will definitely get around ₹ 270/- assured.

You can also check a free trick here: Earn Amazon Pay Cashback Daily ₹20 Free | Amazon Recharge Cashback 2020.

This trick is 100% working. It’s not a trick but a daily cashback offer.

Amazon Prime Free Usernames And Passwords | Free Accounts 2020 Below.

1) Username: Password: Hudson07

2) Username: Password: Altoids1

3) Username: ¦Password: Pablo118432

4) Username: Password: vilvoorde

5) Username: Password: Grammasgirl1

6) Username: Password: oswel226

7) Password: Maroochye1

8) Username: Password: Patricia13

9) Username: Password: tes456dg

10) Username: Password:shanky123

11) Username: Password: jaiguru66

12) Username: Password:bijlani23

13) Username: Password: Penisukhi1

14) Password:1234qw

15) Password :p2961994

16) password: bhaskar2304

17) password: chauhan489

18) password : 17agustoS

19) password: borda5615

20) password:hamster94

21) password:ultraboy97

24) password:m8q7rwbr

25) password: william1

We don’t know how many are still working at this moment. But, these all are working before. Better try buying the prime using the above fair method. Even, if you get a free login credential from the above, we don’t know when the sponsors will change the passwords or sign out or change passwords. If any of these happens, we will have to discontinue.

However, I will also provide the links to download all Amazon prime stuff to download from a website.

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