Chrome Book APKs Without Developer mode

2 Ways to Install APKs on Chromebook without Developer Mode

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How to install apks without developer mode on Chromebook?

Of course, you can always need developer mode to install the Android apps on your chrome book. So, here I will show you how to install android apps on your chrome book without the developer mode. Generally, we can install any apps from the Google Play Store without any problem. We were unable to install the apk files from third-party websites and the internet. To download from those types of sites, we need to enable the Developer mode. You might wonder what’s the problem if we enable the developer mode. Yes, there is a problem that developer mode will disable few vital security checks and makes the chrome book slight vulnerable. So, I am going to show you that how to these third-party apks without entering into developer mode.

In the latest update of Chrome 80 OS, experts said that we do this without developer mode. Let’s see how we can do it.

Installing APKs on Chromebook without Developer Mode

To install apks without Developer mode, Follow these steps

1) Firstly, Go to the settings and switch on the Linux beta version for your chrome book.

Enable Unknown Sources/ ADB Debugging Chromebook

1) Now, come back and go to Linux and then open Develop Android Apps. Enable the ADB Debugging in that.

2) Restart your chrome book. Then you can see a dialogue asking permission about ADB. Click Allow.

3) Now, you have to install some ADB files and tools. So, open your terminal app and follow the command below.

sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb

Make sure that this command is in the first line. And you can see a question at the last asking Do you want to continue (Y/n) : Type Y there.

As we know that we need to install apps that are android. So we need to relate Linux with Android.

The following command will connect these both to do so. You need an Internet connection to run this below command.

adb connect

In the next tab, it may ask you to Allow USB Debugging. Just allow continuing the process.

If you get any error, please do restart the ADB tool and your Chromebook and try again.

Chromebook 80 Update

Installation Of APKs on Linux

1) Now, you can install the apk files on your chrome book. Just download the required apk files from the internet and rename them into some simple names. Make sure that the rename ends with .apk.

2) Move this apk file into the Linux folder and apply the command below to continue the process.

adb install youtube.apk


adb install (apk file name)

That’s it. After completion of the installation, you will find the installed android apk in the app drawer directly.

So, from now you can download any APK file in your chrome book without any security issues. Remember that we didn’t go into Developer mode during this process.

If you any related tech queries or doubts, please do comments below or mail me directly. Thanks for coming here and spending time. Kindly bookmark our site. stay tuned 🙂

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