6 Signs To Know If A Sagittarius Man Is Playing You

Feature Image- How To Know If A Sagittarius Man Is Playing You

Of course, You should be aware of the below potential signs that clearly indicate that a man born under the sign of Sagittarius is not in a serious relationship with you. Like he avoids you to introduce you to his friends and says that he needs more space.

Is Your Sagittarius Man Cheating And Want To Know If A Sagittarius Man Is Playing You?

Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

In modern-day relationships, there are many chances that you fall in love with the wrong person. But at that time it becomes very difficult to judge that person based on his activities. There are many girls that face problems like this. But if you are dating a Sagittarius man then here we are to solve your problem. In general, A man who is born between 22 November to 21 December is called “Sagittarius”. We will talk about signs he doesn’t show but he should show. Also, we will talk about the behaviour of Sagittarius. This will help you to find out whether he is actually interested or not. Many girls looking for a relationship with a Sagittarius man always ask the question that how to know if a Sagittarius man is playing you. So now we’ll talk about that.

Sign#1: Sagittarius Men Are More Expressive And Funny

Happy and funny Sagittarius Man

As a rule, the simple nature of Sagittarius men is always more expressive and is usually fun to be around. This is one of the pros of dating them. But if he is not expressive towards you then this could be a red flag. Maybe your man is playing with you. You can use a simple trick to check whether he is actually playing with you or not. You have to check his behaviour with his friends. If he is funny with his friends and has a talkative personality but when he is with you he seems dull and less expressive then this could be a matter of concern.

This will give you a chance to find out how much Sagittarius men love you and how much he cares about you when it comes to the relationship. This thing will also help you to know more about his personality.

Sign#2: If He Needs More Space

Sagittarius Man Alone with nature

There is a tendency in this zodiac sign for a man to be a very private person which means they love to be alone. But, you have to know the difference between ignorance and space. You should always give him proper space so that he could have some time with himself too. But if he is ignoring to talk to you for days and not giving you time then this is one of the signs that a Sagittarius man is not interested. You should know when he is spending time alone and when he is ignoring you. If you can differentiate between these two things then you will easily find out about his intentions. So, give him his personal space but not more than necessary.

Sign#3: His Behaviour During Sex

Sagittarius Man Sex with his partner

Of course, If you are in a physical relationship with a man that is born under the sign of Sagittarius, the manner in which he acts during sex can reveal a lot about him. If he has casual sex then this could be a bad sign too. Getting too casual while having sex is a sign that shows that his interest is decreasing in you. You should try to make him feel good during sex and still if you see no change there as well then this could be a serious problem for the relationship.

If he is not paying attention to sex then you should talk to him and ask him about the problems he is facing and why he is disinterested. Then you should work on these things. If you see no change after this then this could be time to break up.

Sign#4: How He Treats You In Public Places

Man in Public Place

Sagittarius men are not shy when it comes to socializing. Those born under the sign of this star sign always express themselves positively. If he treats you differently while he is in public as compared to when you are alone then this could be a negative sign. How he introduces you to his friends is one of the methods to check whether he is serious about you or not. If he tells his friends about your relationship of yours then this is surely a good sign. But if he introduces them to you by saying that you are friends then it is not a good thing.

His behaviour in public places is also a thing that will help you to find what he thinks about you. If he shows care for you in public places that is a good sign but on another hand, if he shows that he doesn’t care much about you then you should start making distance.

Sign#5: Eye Contact

Eye Contact

If your Sagittarius man doesn’t makes make eye contact with you then this is a fire sign. In the same vein, it is also quite clear that when he avoids eye contact then this is not a good sign. Basically, these men love to do eye contact with people whom they love so if he loves you and he is serious with you then he will surely make eye contact with you from time to time in any kind of situation.

Sign#6: Talks About You

Relationship Conversations

If he ignores your conversation and always talks about himself then this is also a sign. This is not a sign of a romantic relationship but due to this, you’ll feel uncomfortable with him. This also means that he doesn’t respect your point of view. So make sure that he also thinks about you and not only about himself. And if he does then think about your relationship again.

A relationship could be hot and cold sometimes but that doesn’t mean that you both should separate your paths. If you can’t meet in real life then try to contact me on social media. These types of small steps can save a relationship.

So there were some Sagittarius man secrets that you should know. These will surely help you to test to know if your Sagittarius man is playing with you or not. Or he is just playing. Check these things on your partner and you will automatically get all of your answers by yourself.

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