6 Best Photo Editing Apps with MODs ( Premium Unlocked) 2020

6 Best Photo Editing Apps with MODs ( Premium Unlocked) 2021

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Best Photo EditingMOD APKs Free 2021 iOS/Android

There are hundreds of photo and video editing apps/tools prevailing over the play store and app store. But here, we have collected the best and top-rated apps along with mod APK.

This allows you to get the premium version of the app for free. So, no more purchasing the subscriptions of these six apps. The size of the apps is also included below so that you can choose the app which suits your device.



PicsArt is an amazing editing app available for free on both iOS and Android. Users can also make collages and draw using this application. Users can also click pictures using this application.

Moreover, PicsArt has four different options as edit, collage, draw, camera. Users can select what they want to and remodel the image. PicsArt has the advantage of making collages of pictures.

Identically, users can change the background with cutout and add photos to create overlays. PicsArt has a curves tool that can be used by users to add color to the picture and users can further share images in the PicsArt community and on other social networks.

Download Link: PicsArt – Play Store (41MB)

PicsArt Premium Unlocked 2021 – Google Chrome For PC extension – Add to Desktop

The above link is not for android users but for those who want PicsArt for free on their PC. Open the link and add the extension to your desktop. Then, open it from the home page of your chrome.

PicsArt Gold MOD APK Latest 2021(No Ads, Unlocked Everything)

PicsArt is the mother of photo editing apps. It is the most downloaded and it is with simple UI. This above mod gives you the free premium access to you. So, no need for scolding disruptive ads in the middle of the editing, and banner ads will also be no more in this mod. Please ensure that once again you have to uninstall the original working version of PicsArt before installing this mod APK.

2) Snapseed


Snapseed is one of the best photo editing apps which is available for free in both the play store and app store. It was initially created by Nik Software which is later taken by Google. Snapseed can be used to edit pictures without using the original quality of a picture.

Users can edit as they desire by adjusting 27 tools that are available. Snapseed actually has a good advantage of saving user’s editing history. Users can also select automatic looks that are already provided below the original picture.

Special effects and filters as in Drama, grudge, vintage, center-focus, frames, tilt-shift, retouch can be amazingly used in this app.

On the 9th of April, 2015,  Nik updated Snapseed 2.0 for both iOS and android which contains new filters such as lens blur, glamour glow, and noir.

Users may not directly take a picture with this app but can import images and turn that as they wish for. Here users can able to directly share the edited images on social media like Facebook or Instagram. Moreover, users can either export the edited image or replace it.

Download Link for Android: Snapseed – Play Store(24MB)

Download Snapseed MOD APK Latest Version 2021

If the downloaded is in .zip format, just change it by renaming to .apk and then install the package.

Snapseed is also the best photo editing app. Mostly, it comes as a pre-installed app on HTC devices.

If your device is already with this app, Please make sure that you uninstall/ uninstall updates/ disable it before installing this mod app.

In case, if you update the app with this modded version, uninstall that and try again.


VSCO Photo & Video Editor

VSCO is a versatile photography app which is very famous around the globe and used to take pictures with certain filters as well as to edit pictures. It has few editing tools as in exposure, contrast, and saturation.

Users can also adjust the tint of shadows, highlights, saturation, and brightness. VSCO has an impressive filter collection which gives users many options to choose among them.

Presents, filters are grouped into collections. Users can add the presents they like to favorites and try different combinations of editing.

Users can take aesthetic pictures and can also share it with the VSCO community. VSCO has a wide variety of 184 filters and looks. However, premium features are available to explore it much further.

Download Link: VSCO – Play Store(56MB)

VSCO MOD APK No Ads 2021 (Unlocked)

VSCO Mod contains all the premium features for free without hurting your pockets for editing photos. There are different types of photo editing stuff is available in this app

4) Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom - Photo Editor & Pro Camera

Lightroom is an editing app with numerous software updates and it is developed actively by Adobe systems. Lightroom has 45 filters and users can add them to their favorites. Each among them is listed in favorites, modern, black and white, vintage, etc.

Lightroom has options like crop, straighten, rotate, flip in a single tool. Lightroom has many versions. However, Adobe lightroom classic cc is 9.3 version which was updated on the 16th of June, 2020.

It has improved features which also includes camera and lens support. Lightroom supports local hue adjustment which helps in the tuning of skin tones without affecting the whole picture.

It has offered high-quality adjustments and also allows the users to adjust light, details, color, distortion, and grain of the picture. Lightroom does have premium qualities in which users can work with raw images and it’s suggestible for professional photographers.

Download Link: Adobe Lightroom – Play Store(86MB)

Adobe Lightroom (Premium Unlocked) Hacked MOD apk download here

Adobe Lightroom modified app will be with premium unlocked for free.  You just have to download and install the app to avail of all editing features in the app.

5) Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2

AfterLight is another interesting editing app that is free and available for both apple and android users. It allows the user to take the photo directly from it and also can import the pictures to edit them.

Users can undo, adjust, use filters, film, modify, and add a frame to the image. There are 128 frames available and various filters to customize the image.

It includes all the features like exposure, saturation, contrast, and tone. Users can customize the text and the options are vast. Users can also work with raw files on their mobiles.

Download Link : AfterLight 2 – Play Store(37MB)

AfterLight ( Unlocked All) MOD APK Latest Version

AfterLightmod is with free paid content and you can edit your photos without any limitations. You can then access all types of tools in the app. Better use this with a VPN rather than direct.

6) Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma is a great photo editor and this app turns images into an artistic version of paintings or drawings and available on both iOS and Android for free. It is developed by Prisma Labs, Inc.

It contains 20 filters and additional filters are updated frequently. This app is so fascinating that it makes the selected images appear as if they’re painted by Picasso, Salvador Dali.

Users can join a community of its own just like other social networks. Once the user is done with the favorable editing, the user can either share it in social media or save it to the device directly.

Download Link: Prisma – Play Store (12MB)

Prisma Premium Unlocked 2021 Mod Apk

The mod contains all paid content Unlocked and you can edit your stuff for free without any irritating ads causing headache and interruption. Better use a VPN while using this mod app.

If any of the mods aren’t working or if you face any issues, you can contact anonymousvarma@gmail.com.

Author: LekhyaSetty

Email: lekhyasetty@gmail.com

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