5 Signs To Tell If The Contact Lens is Still in The Eye

How To Tell If The Contact Lens is Still in The Eye

Contact lenses are very common these days. These lenses help in removing the glasses from the eye. Not everyone is comfortable wearing eyeglasses for weak eyesight. Contact lenses are very easy to insert in the eye. But these lenses can move out of your eye in just a blink. So the most common problem that arises in these cases is how to tell if the contact lens is still in the eye.

Because the color of contact lenses is transparent. And with weak eyesight, it becomes very hard to find these in the eye. But do not worry. Because we will help you here to find your contact lens.

5 Signs To Answer “How To Tell If The Contact Lens is Still in The Eye” Question

Many signs will tell you that the contact lens is still in your eyes. It will not be comfortable at all. So there will be some symptoms that you will feel. And here all you have to do is identify those symptoms. We will discuss these symptoms one by one in detail. 

#1. Blinking Sensations

The most immediate clue to whether your contact lens is still in place is the sensation of blinking. If the lens is properly settled on your eye, your blinks should feel natural and smooth. However, if there’s any irritation, scratching, or discomfort during blinking, it might indicate that your lens has shifted or is no longer on your eye.

#2. Excessive Tearing

Excessive tears in your eye show the eye discomfort. There could be various reasons for the tearing of eyes. Hence this will not only happen when you have a contact lens in your eyes. But the presence of tears with discomfort is a clear sign that something is disturbing in your eyes. Because eyes are the most sensitive part of the human body.

#3. Unusual Eye Redness

Redness in the eye is often a sign of irritation or inflammation. If you notice that one of your eyes appears redder than usual, it might be a result of your contact lens being displaced. It’s crucial to pay attention to any changes in the appearance of your eyes, as prolonged irritation can lead to more serious issues. So the above 3 signs are perfect symptoms to tell if the contact lens is still in the eye.

If you’re still not sure about the contact lens then there are a few other ways to check this out. Make sure that you confirm the below two methods.

#4. Use Mirror

Pull your lower eyelid and inspect the contact lens with the help of a mirror. Because sometimes the contact lens slides into the lower eye cavity. So you will not get the above symptoms. And you will have difficulty in finding the contact lens. So a mirror will help you out in this situation. Make sure that you put the mirror right in front of your face. Move your fingers here and there is the eye cavity. And if there is a lens then you will feel the presence as well as you will see the lens.

#5. Perform A Lens Disappearance Test

This is a very self-test that can tell you about the presence of contact lenses in the eye. All you have to do is cover one eye from your hand. And do all focus from the uncovered eye. Now move your eyes here and there, up and down. If there is a lens in your eye then there will be a point where you will feel the blurring sensation in your vision. And this is the place where your eye lens is. Now all you have to do is simply inspect that eye area with your finger. And remove the lens.

Benefits Of Using Eye Lenses

There are various benefits of using eye lenses. Some of the common benefits are as follows:

  1. It makes the eyes look attractive.
  2. There is no need to wear eyeglasses.
  3. It is very comfortable and helps in boosting your confidence in public.
  4. Eye lenses are easy to wear and remove. And give more comfort than the eyeglasses.

So there are various benefits of wearing contact lenses. But proper care of eyes after wearing these is necessary.


Use the above 5 signs to confirm the answer to the “how to tell if the contact lens is still in the eye” question. There are various signs that you notice if the contactless is in your eyes. And if you do not have these signs then you can simply check with other methods. However, if you are still not sure you should visit your eye doctor for this.

They will check and remove the contact lens from the eye. Wearing a contact lens is easy and comfortable. But if you do not care about your eyes after wearing contact lenses then you have to face problems.

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