5 Good Lies To Get Money From Your Parents

5 Good Lies To Get Money From Your Parents

We all face financial trouble when we are in school and college. Because there is no way to save money. And it does not look appropriate if we ask for money from our parents again and again. You need some good and valid excuses to take money from your parents. Because most of the parents are conservative and they fix an amount for monthly pocket money as well.  So here are good lies to get money from your parents.

It depends from parent to parent how will they react when you ask for money. But most of the time we all get the same reactions. So to save ourselves from too many questions it is better to make a good and valid excuse.

Five Common Lies To Get Money From Your Parents Without Doubted

Five Common Lies To Get Money From Your Parents Without Doubted

#1. College Projects

It s one of the most common excuses to ask for money from the parents. Choose those subjects that have no project throughout the semester. Because it will help when you ask for the project money for a specific subject.

Make sure that you check how many projects you are lined up. Just add a few more projects to the list and it is done. To make it more realistic you can add deadlines for the project. Adding deadlines helps you receive money more quickly.

#2. Buying New Books

Buying books is another great idea for making money. But it is risky as well. Because if your parents are strict then they might ask you to show them the new book that you have bought. So here is the solution, you can make an excuse to buy an online book.

Kendal and all are very popular these days. You can say “I have purchased the book on Kendle and it is on my phone for study”. This way you can use the money that you have taken for books. Or you can show them some other book that is new and which is not seen by them yet.

#3. Travel Fare

If you are doing up and down from your home to school then you can ask for extra travel fare. This is the best way to get extra money daily. Parents can never say no to travel fare. It is the easiest thing that you can ask your parents.

If you are using your vehicle for traveling to college then you can ask for money for petrol and all. And in that expense, you can add the extra amount that is required.

#4. Teachers Farewell

If you need an excuse that your parents can never find then this one is for you. You can ask them for money with the excuse of a teacher’s farewell. Parents never know which teacher is getting the farewell. And you can take a good amount from this excuse.

Because you want to give the teacher a gift to show your gratitude for her service. Hence if you are looking for ways to get some extra money then this one can work best for you.

#5. Extra Tuition Fee

If you want to make extra money every month then this excuse is for you. You can make an excuse for the extra tuition class that you are joining. You can say that you are facing difficulty in a particular subject and to improve that subject tuitions are necessary.

This way you will get the extra money in the name of tuition every month. You do not have to ask them for money again and again. And without asking you will get the money on time. These are good lies to get money from your parents.


In conclusion, here are some good lies to get money from your parents. The lie will depend on the amount that you are looking for. So for example, if you are looking for a small amount then you can ask for the extra bus fare and all. But if you want a larger amount then you can ask for college projects and all.

So the lie will depend on your need for money. If your parents are understanding then you can simply ask them to increase the pocket money. Make sure that you follow these lies as it is. And if you want to use some other lie then you have to make sure that your parents can nerve find out about it. So leave no link related to that lie. 

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