5 Best Ways For How To Be A Good Submissive In Relationship

5 Best Ways For How To Be A Good Submissive In Relationship

The intimacy between every couple is different. Some like to do role plays. While some like to dominate their partners. Being dominant during an intimate relationship is easy. But being a submissive can be confusing sometimes. Especially if you are doing this for the first time. So here we are to help you in how to be a good submissive. There is no trick for this. But if you know your partner and their needs well then you can do this very easily.

We will give you some time to know your partner’s needs better. And work on those. In the end, you will be a good submissive to your partner. Being submissive does not mean that you doing something out of your comfort zone. It can be done with comfort and love.

Basic Facts About Submissive & Its Importance

Before going deep into this, you must clarify the basics about submissiveness. Many couples do not do dominant and submissive. Because they are unaware of the actual concept behind this. Being submissive in physical intimacy does not imply weakness; Rather, it signifies a deep level of trust and vulnerability that enhances the connection between partners.

It involves open communication about desires, boundaries, and the establishment of safe words or signals to ensure a respectful and consensual experience. Embracing a submissive role can be a liberating and fulfilling aspect of a relationship, fostering a unique connection built on mutual understanding and shared pleasure.

What is The Biggest Challenge in Being A Submissive?

There are many challenges that you will face while being a submissive. And one of the major challenges is forgetting your role again and again. Sometimes we go with the flow. And in that flow, the role of the submissive is left behind. And at the end of the day, You are emotionally and physically drained.

So during that time being a submissive might not be easy for some people. Not everyone enjoys being submissive. It requires a lot of concentration and patience to be submissive.

5 Best Things For How To Be A Good Submissive & Build Bonds

Here are some tips that you can use to be a good submissive. Make sure that you try these all for good results.

#1. Be Aware Of Yourself

The first thing that you should always avoid is going out of your comfort zone. If you are not comfortable with any activity then you can simply say no to your partner. If you will put stress on yourself. Then you have to deal with mental and physical torture. So know your limits and work under your limits only.

#2. Communication is The Key

It is very important to communicate in your relationship. Before doing the submissive and dominant role, make sure to communicate about the things your partner wants to do with you. This helps to avoid when your partner thinks to break a relationship with you. Both partners must openly express their desires, boundaries, and expectations. This is the only way that you will get to know about each other’s interests, likings, and dislikes. So you must start a conversation before doing this.

#3. Follow Your Partner’s Directions

The role of the submissive is not tough. All you have to do is follow your partner’s instructions. If you are comfortable with them and letting him do those things to you then the only work that you have to do is follow his directions. The submissive and dominant concept is done for the sexual pleasure of both partners. So you can use this to increase intimacy in your relationship.

#4. Trust and Consent

Submissive relies heavily on trust and consent. The dominant partner must respect the submissive’s limits and seek enthusiastic consent before engaging in any activities. Trust is built over time through open communication, honesty, and a shared commitment to each other’s well-being.

A good submissive trusts their partner to lead with care and compassion, while the dominant partner values the vulnerability the submissive entrusts them with.

#5. Introduce Safety Signals

You must decide your safety signals before indulging yourself. The safety signals will indicate to your partner that you are reaching your limit. Make sure that you introduce a stop signal too. And never hesitate to use those signals. These signals will ensure that you are safe in this process. And you will not end up hurting yourself.

Dominant and submissive concepts are all about exploring each other’s boundaries. And you can do this by keeping your safety the priority. A good submissive does not mean that you’re bearing everything. It is all about enjoying the intimacy with your partner up to the limits.


I hope you thoroughly understand how to be a good submissive & build a healthy relationship when reading the above relationship guide. There are a few tips that you can use to be a good submissive. You can use these tips with your partner during the submissive and dominant play. Make sure that before you dive into this. Your partner must take your consent. There are a few things that you are not comfortable with. So remove those things from the list.

Submissive does not mean that you have to bear every torture on your body. It is all about exploring each other. You and your partner can play this role alternatively.


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