4 Ways To Fix Failed To Save Game Error Code 516

How To Fix Failed To Save Game Error Code 516

One of the most frustrating things that a gamer can go through is encountering error codes. The game that encounters error codes the most is Baldurs Gate 3. This game has an error failed to save game error code 516. This error code can make you scratch your head. Because it is complicated to get rid of this code.

But do not worry we are here to help you with the error code 516. We will give you some methods that will help you in the smooth playing of this game.

Why it shows “failed to save game error code 516”

Before going into any process, it is essential to understand the basics of this error. This will help you to get rid of this error in a much smoother way. The “Failed to Save Game Error Code 516” is a cryptic message that often appears when players attempt to save their progress in a game. This issue has been reported across various gaming platforms, from PCs to consoles, and can occur in both single-player and multiplayer modes. The error disrupts the seamless gaming experience, leaving players unable to save their in-game achievements and progress.

What is the primary reason for this error to appear?

There could be various reasons for popping up this error. And here is a list of some common reasons behind this.

  1. Having limited gaming space in your PC is the prime reason for this. 
  2. If you have an abundance of corrupted files then this error will appear during the gaming. 
  3. If you are playing the outdated version of the game then the chances of this error appearance increase.
  4. If you have poor network connectivity then there are 90% chance that you will come across this error.

So all these could be the possible reasons for this problem. It is essential to know the underlying issue. Because only then you can start working on the main problem.

Here are the 4 ways to fix “failed to save game error code 516”

Here are some possible solutions that you can do in this situation. Make sure that you try these all for better results.

  1. Make sure that you keep enough storage for the game on your PC. if you do not have enough space then remove the unnecessary data.
  2. Regularly clear cache files. Because if these files will accumulate then it will cause the error code 516. 
  3. Update the game from time to time. Without any delay update your game. And use the latest version of the game – Baldurs Gate 3.
  4. If still, the error persists then you can reinstall the game on your PC.


Here are the 4 possible and working solutions for the most complicated game error failed to save game error code 516. It is common to come across with this error. And it can hinder your gaming experience. There are various reasons for this error to appear.

But every problem comes with a solution. So here is the list of solutions. These will help you to get rid of this error.

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