4 Ways To Clean Grout On Floor Tiles

How To Clean Grout On Floor Tiles

Are you tired of cleaning your tile flowers but they still seem dirty? It might be because of the grout on the floor tiles. White grout, mold, mildew, etc., make look your tiles dirty. Here is the guide for how to clean grout on floor tiles.

You can do this with the help of standard household cleaning supplies. You can make solutions that will help keep the grout away for a long time. However, there are many grout cleaners available in the market.

But if you do not want to spend any money on this then you are at the right place. You can use these varieties of techniques to clean your tiles floor and ensure their longevity.

What Is Grout?

There is space available between tiles. At the tiles joint, you see some space. Some dirt, debris, and other particles are stuck in this place. Which makes it look black with time. So even after you clean your tiles this makes them look dirty.

And you do not get that shine on your tiles. So it is important to clean these from time to time. However, if you clean them then it might take ages. Because these are tiny parts but they acquire a very large area. Because tiles are present inside the house and outside as well.

4 Techniques To Clean Grout On Floor Tiles

Here are some techniques you can use to clean your tiles. These preparation techniques can be prepared from household stuff.  So make sure that you prepare these solutions very carefully. To get the best possible results clen the tiles grout thrice a month.

#1. Cleaning Grout With Baking Soda

Cleaning Grout With Baking Soda

Baking soda is a powerful agent that can help you in cleaning the grout.

  • All you have to do is make a thick paste with baking soda and water.
  • Apply this paste in between or above the tiles grunt.
  • Leave it as it is for a few minutes and then clean with the help of water.

This will clean all the dirt and other stuff from the tiles. Baking powder is safe for tiles. So you can use it on any other tiles. Baking soda has no side effects on the skin.

But still, it is advised to wear gloves while applying the paste. Because too much exposure to baking soda may lead to dry skin and all.

#2. Use Vinegar Solution

If you want instant strong cleaning then you have to add the baking soda paste in the vinegar solution.

  • Spray this solution on the tile’s grout.
  • And when you start to see bubbles then you should understand that it has been cleaned.

It is a very easy method to clean the tiles. These will not only clean the tile’s grout but it will also clean the tiles. It is advised not to use these with the floors like marble and other natural strong.

As vinegar is more strong and can take away the natural shine of these floors. So you have to take some kind of precautions with the natural stone tiles. 

#3. Use Bleach To Clean Grout On Floor Tiles

Use Bleach To Clean Grout On Floor Tiles

If your tiles have become yellow with time then you should use bleach for this purpose.

  • Take the leach in a cup and pour it into your tiles.
  • Now, use a brush to scrub the tiles and the grout part.
  • You can pour this directly on the tile without mixing anything in it.

You have to keep your hands and clothes safe from the bleach. Because when the bleach comes in contact with the skin it can cause skin irritation and more. Some people are also severely allergic to bleaches.

So make sure that you do not do this and wear gloves and other safety aprons while doing this on your own.

#4. Use Artificial Grout Cleaner

You can use artificial cleaners to clean your tiles as well. These are easily available in the market. All the work of these will be present in their packs. These grout cleaners help in cleaning the tile and the grout very easily.

But they are not as strong as the other methods so might have to depart the process twice or thrice in a month with the cleaners. Talking about the price these are cheap and easily available. You can get these from any shop near you.

Buy Artificial Grout Cleaner

Precautions To Take While Cleaning The Grout

Here are some precautions that you have to use while cleaning the grout. Make sure that you follow all these to avoid any damage.

  1. After preparing the solutions. Do not spread the solution all over the tiles. Make sure that you spread on a small part and then spread in a large section. It will decrease the risk of possible damage like decoloring of the tile.
  2. Always use soft bristle nylon brushes to scrub the tiles.
  3. Wait for at least 15 minutes before you start to rinse the paste out from the tiles.
  4. Use warm water to clean the residue from the ground.


In conclusion, here is how to clean grout on floor tiles. Follow all the tips to get the best possible results. If your tiles have not been cleaned for a long time. Then you have to use some strong cleaning agents. Because then the grouts become settled in between the tiles. And it becomes hard to remove them. You can use artificial cleaning agents to clean the specific type of grouts and molds from the tiles.

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