Here’s 4 Ways For How To Get Motor 393 Showing Up

Here's 4 Ways For How To Get Motor 393 Showing Up

Those who are in the field of robotics and engineering know about motor 393. This is one of the most powerful motors. And it is used in the robots. And it became very hard for the beginner to get this up. So here we are with the solution of how to get motor 393 showing up on the controller. If you are a beginner then you might find it difficult to set this.  If you’re in the field of robotics then you know about the working.

But as a beginner, it is easy to get confused in the process. But with the right guidance you will be able to show this motor in no time.

Motor 393: Precision Power for Robotics

Before diving into the technicalities, it’s crucial to have a basic understanding of the Motor 393. This high-performance motor is often employed in robotics, providing a robust and reliable source of mechanical power. Its capabilities make it suitable for a wide range of applications, from hobbyist projects to educational endeavors.

Reasons For Not Showing Motor 393 In Your Controller

There could be various reasons for this. To know about the solutions, it is essential to know about these underlying reasons.

So here is the common reason that can cause this problem:-

  1. If you are not using the right controller then this problem will arise. The most suitable controller for this purpose is controller 29. Because it is a 2-wired controller. And the motor 393 is also two-wired.
  2. If there is any issue with the wiring then the controller will not show Motor 393. In this case, ensure that the wiring on the motor and controller is ok. Double-check the wiring and secure the joints for longevity
  3. Another common error is the programming error. This programming error will hinder the finding of motor 393. Hence you will not see motor 393 in your controller.

4 Different Methods For How To Get Motor 393 Showing Up

Here are a few different ways that you can try to show up your motor 393. Make sure that you try all these methods for the best possible results.

#1. Update Firmware and Software

If you are using firmware and software in your system then make sure to see the updated version. The older version might accumulate bugs with time. And these bugs hinder the working of motor 393.

#2. Clear All Mechanical Obstructions

Ensure that the motor shaft and any connected gears or mechanisms can move freely without any hindrance. If there are obstructions, they can put excessive strain on the motor, leading to malfunctions or failures.

#3. Change All Damaged Connections

If this type of problem arises then you will inspect the motor, and its wiring for any faults. If you come across any of the faults then remove the fault as soon as possible. If some wires are not connected. Then connect those wires.

#4. Check the Power Supply

Sometimes due to the hindering of power supply, the motor 393 does not show up in the controller. For this Check the voltage and current specifications for the motor, and ensure that your power source meets these requirements. Fluctuations or insufficient power can lead to erratic behavior or failure of the motor to show up.


Here are the 4 different solutions for how to get motor 393 showing up. Motor 393 is best for robots. Hence every robotic person knows the value of this motor. But sometimes this motor does not show up in controllers. But there is nothing to worry about. Because where there is a robotic problem there is a solution. And we are here with various solutions to this problem. You can solve this problem with these solutions.

However, after all this, if the problem persists then make sure to consult with a manufacturer. They will guide you in this situation.

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