4 Insights on How to Get Grammarly Premium For Free

4 Insights on How to Get Grammarly Premium For Free

When the world goes round on writing innovative, creative, grammatically correct English with vocabulary enhancement then you must be looking out for extra support which bolsters your confidence to go ahead. This endorsed the advent of Grammarly, the AI-powered tool. It is an online tool that checks grammar.

Actually, it is available in two versions; Initial & Premium version. The Premium has an array of functionality but comes in paid packages. Here we will take you through 5 methods on how to get Grammarly premium for free in the legal and authorized way. Of course, this latest and effective methods are just a scroll away from you.

Snapshot on Grammarly Premium

Although this may be true, Grammarly Premium is not just about grammar checking. It is a context-specific emendation. Moreover, It checks all grammar-related minutes and major details with suggestions and explanations. Which not just let you write correctly for the specific content but also learn and do better in the future by knowing the proper syntax. Other features of the premium plans are:-

  • Plagiarism Check – Write unique content is the demand of the age. However grammarly premium ensures your writing is unique on the web without any plagiarism.
  • Genre-specific style of writing – Let your writing be updated with style and statement.
  • Vocabulary suggestion – This enhances your language skills.
  • Grammar Rules Delineation –It is not just a grammar checker rather it explains the rules of the mistaken segment.
  • Spelling Check – It also checks all spelling, article, and punctuation thoroughly with suggestions by marking the wrong in red.
  • Readability Test – It also checks the readability of your content and be comprehended by normal audience across the world.

Want to Know How to Get Grammarly Premium For Free

As a matter of fact, Grammarly encourages its subscriber to update to the premium version where they have fixed the package; monthly at $29.95 p.m, quarterly 19.98 p.m and annually $ 11.66 p.m. But it has some 7 days and 30 days free trial package which can also be extended or conformed by reward points. All the below- mentioned methods will let you get Grammarly premium account for free in the legal and right procedure. So let’s cynosure on it.

How to get Grammarly Premium Free for 30 days

For Chrome, Firefox and Safari browser extensions have free access to Grammarly. To get your premium account you have to install the extension. Step wise Guidance:-

  • Firstly, Sign up fresh with your Facebook or Gmail or email account.
  • Then you will find an option “Get Grammarly Premium” click on it.
  • They ask for payment methods. Add your bank details and pay. Hold on! Don’t worry you can get a refund of it.
  • This will be followed by some more instructions. Check, understand and follow those.
  • Now the Grammarly premium trial is free to use.
  • Before last day of your trial request a refund which Grammarly will refund you back if you mention your concerns.

How to get Grammarly Premium for Free by Friends Referral for a week

This is a very interesting mode to access to Grammarly premium. Invite your friends to use your referral link and install the extension of Grammarly. One friend using your referral code to open Grammarly extension will let you get a free one week access to Premium package. And sending the invitation is very easy. Let’s check how it works.

  • Installation – Installation of Grammarly extension is the first step.
  • New Log in – Don’t use login credential of any existing Premium account. Use any of your existing email ids to do a fresh login.
  • Click On G sign – Open any supporting browser of Grammarly premium version you will find G symbol on the upper corner at the right side which you need to click on.
  • Option For Free access – On clicking the GF icon a window will open where you can find Grammarly Premium free version Click on it to avail.
  • Invite – Now click on option invite friends. Now you can available referral link or access codes which you can email to your friends or group or share on social media.

How to get Grammarly Premium for Free by Affiliate Program

Of course this is the most interesting working methods where you can get rewards and earn money also. On applying and becoming an affiliate of Grammarly you can instantly earn $25 as a bonus. If anyone signs up using your banner then you will be rewarded $0.20 and $ 20 if your banner is used to make a premium account.

  • Sign up for the affiliate program of Grammarly.
  • Then add details of your website and method of payment.
  • Within 1-2 days your account will be verified and confirmation mail will come.
  • Now log in and chose a banner from 120 templates and download it.
  • On your blog page post the banner and affiliate link.
  • Reply to the confirmation sent by mail and get $25 instantly.
  • By Grammarly review writing also you can get access.

How to get Grammarly Premium for Free with EDU or Business Version

Many education organizations have Grammarly Business Version so from there you may access to the premium version in case you are part of the organization. Or else as a business entrepreneur you may apply for business version in which they provide you with a premium version trial before buying. The business version is easy to access. Just sign up with new email id and opt for the business version. It also can give multiple accesses to the user. For a teacher, students and professional related to writing work it is very helpful.

In conclusion, Grammarly is a very simplified user interface which can be used by anyone. Its suggestions are well descriptive and presentation is very easy. So use the above-mentioned tips and enhance your writing expertise.

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