3 Ways to increase team OVR and Chemistry in FIFA MOBILE 2020

increase team OVR and Chemistry in FIFA MOBILE

One of the top trending football games is FIFA MOBILE which is available on play store . This game is a great platform for football lovers . You can create an unique team with various players from different teams and build OVR with chemistry . They are two types of modes to play they are VSA ( Vs Attacking ) and H2H (Head 2 Head) . Both of the modes have tiers and all just like the PUBG . Just like royal pass , this game have Star Pass at same 800 INR . One of the drawbacks of the game is that the goal net will be always one-sided all the time . So, in this tutorial , I am going to show how to build good OVR and chemistry. There is a market place for all players where you can buy/sell players with FIFA coins .

FIFA Coins

How to improve OVR and Chemistry in FIFA MOBILE 2020 ?

Here are the ways to do it:

Market Strategy:

The thing is , we have to buy elites ( Players with 80+ OVR ) who are cheap in market . Filter them and buy . You can almost get 90 OVR simply just buying good players . Choose a good player for every position and always increase the skill boosters .

By increasing players’ OVR :

You can also increase starring 11 players’ OVR by using training XP and FIFA coins . But when we are selling increased OVR player in the market , their OVR will get reset . Like ,if you buy Messi with OVR 94 and increased his up to 96 by using Training XP and coins, then for some reason , if you want to sell that Messi in the market then, he will be 94 again in the market . Your training XP will get wasted.

FIFA Mobile Game My Team

By enhancing players’ skills :

At the top of every player , there is some just like +7 ,+6 indicates the skills of that players . Skill boosters also enhances the OVR of the team .

Ways to increase CHEMISTRY :

Choosing the players of same country , league  or team makes your dream team more chemistry . The green line indicates the chemistry between players and thick line means more chemistry.  By changing formations , chemistry and OVR will also be changed.

Increase Chemistry FIFA Mobile Game

 By using Perks :

You can also increase team chemistry by unlocking perks with perk points .

There is a way to earn perk points that is playing league tournaments daily . Number of perks rewarded for a league tournament will be based on the fame of the league . So, join a good league which conducts daily tournaments.

Perks in FIFA Mobile Game

FIFA My League Tournaments and Leaderboards

So, likewise we get perks to increase chemistry, OVR and line-up also .

For more information or any doubts about the game , comment below.

And also always try to participate in all weekly events to get legendary players with OVR 90  and above .


Never try any coin or cash generators . That will result in the ban of the FIFA account .

And also don’t login in any mod APKS from unknown sources .

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