3 Ways To Connect Xbox 360 Controller To PC Without Receiver

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If you have a hard time playing with mouse and keyboard and become comfortable with controllers. However, it’s a handy task to connect your Xbox 360 Controller to a PC. It’s a great place to learn, Here’s how to connect your Xbox 360 controller to your PC without a receive

You’ll be wondering, can there is a way to connect the Xbox, without the receiver.

The short answer is, Wired Xbox 360 Controller can be directly through USB Ports. But for Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, there is no direct way.

Also, you cannot establish Bluetooth Connection, with your PC and Controller. Since the Bluetooth frequencies differ.

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Here are three ways to connect your Xbox 360 controller to your PC without a receiver

If you are a PC gamer and love to play with controllers.

You should know, Xbox 360 Wireless Controller comes with a proprietary connection protocol.

This means this gadget can’t be connected directly to a PC, even by Bluetooth connection.

So, what are the possible solutions?

1. With the wired controller you can connect your Xbox 360 to a PC without any receiver

Wired Xbox 360 Controller Doesn't Need Reciever To Connect With PC, it can be Connected Through USB Port Directly

Although this technology, seems to be outdated, the response speed is better than wireless ones.

Also, you don’t have to buy an additional receiver, you can simply plug in USB Port.

If you are not a hardcore Xbox fan, then you can also look for other brands, which is pocket friendly.

This means, To Connect Xbox 360 Controller To a PC Without a Receiver, you need to have a wired connection that can be plugged into USB Port.

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2. Microsoft’s Official Way

You know that Xbox is a video gaming brand, which is owned by Microsoft, still, you have to face some problems, while connecting to a PC.

So Microsoft addresses this problem and given a possible solution. 

Which is Microsoft Official Xbox Package.

This is basically a bundle of accessories, you required for an Xbox gaming set-up.

In this bundle, you will get an Adapter, a controller and some of the other accessories required.

Now, if you have already bought the Xbox Controller, this method is a bit costlier for you. To make it a little bit cheaper, you can sell extra accessories you have on eBay.

It’s a bit expensive, but it will be a hassle-free method, to compensate it try to make sales out.

Last One: Buy A Reciever

Xbox 360 Controller Image

Buy a Reciever, what? I know it’s the opposite of the title of the article, but this is the last possible option.

You might know Microsoft doesn’t offer separate Microsoft Adapters/Receivers, you need to buy it from a third party.

This is also the reason, you can get a lesser quality adapter, try to buy it from a trusted source.

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In Conclusion

So, these were the 3 main solutions to Connect Xbox 360 Controller To a PC Without a Receiver or an alternative to it.

Moreover, connecting to a PC is easy with an adapter or wired Xbox 360 Controller in Windows 8 & 10, however, you might need to instal USB drivers in Windows 7.

If you enjoy gaming truly, then you should choose the most hassle-free, seamless experience because it is worthwhile. Just handle your expenses smartly.

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