How to Cancel IdentItyIQ Subscription

3 Ways to Cancel IdentityIQ Subscription

IdentityIQ offers service against theft management, basically, it offers you protection against identity theft, you can ensure your family under its subscription. However, if you feel disappointed with their service, here are 3 Ways to Cancel IdentityIQ Subscription.

By canceling a subscription, your monthly billing cycle will stop, you don’t have to pay for their service from the next billing cycle.

These are 3 Ways to Cancel IdentityIQ Subscription –

  • Cancel the Subscription at
  • Call the Customer Service – 877-875-4347
  • Use any Third Party Service to Cancel Your Subscription

How to Cancel IdentityIQ – Subscription

1. From Website

One can easily cancel IdenityIQ Subscription, from their website.

    • Firstly, Go to their Website – IdentityIQ
    • Here, you have to log in with your registered account.
    • After logging in, go to Manage My Account 
    • Here, you’ll find Cancel My Account Button, tap on it.

You are not done yet, you’ll get some confirmation email, just confirm it via your email, after that your IdentityIQ Subscription gets canceled.

2. From Phone Call

This is the easiest way to cancel your subscription if you are comfortable with the phone.

  • Call at 877-875-4347.
  • Tell them you want to Cancel Your Subscription.
  • The agent will need some of your information like – Your Full Name, registered email id, and social security number.
  • They will send you a confirmation email on your email address, you can confirm it there.
  • That’s it! your IdentityIQ Account will get canceled.

Although the method is given here by IdentityIQ is easy and will work if done correctly.

But if you find it difficult, then there is an alternate paid method for you.

There are some third-party websites, which offer legal services on the internet, by charging fees. If you want to remove any of your data from the Internet or cancel any subscription, you can contact them.

3. Third-Party Services

Here are some third-party services, which can help you to cancel your IdentityIQ Subscription.

  • Do Not Pay –
  • Use Line –
  • True Bill –

These are some of the services, which can help you to cancel your IdentityIQ subscription. Although they are paid services, they will charge fees for it.

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FAQs about IdentityIQ

1. What is Customer Service Hours of IdentityIQ?

If you are using the phone call method to cancel your subscription, you should know their service timing.

Customer Service Hours – IdentityIQ

  • Monday to Friday – 7.00 AM to 7.00 PM
  • Saturdays – 8.30 AM to 5.00 PM
  • Sundays – Holiday

2. Is there any Customer Service Email of IdentityIQ?

Until now, they haven’t provide any email address for customer service purpose, you can only call, them or cancel your subscription through website.

3. Do IdentityIQ Offer any Free Trial in 2022?

No, they aren’t offering any free trial now, earlier it was $1 for 7 Days free trial pack. In which you can check its service and then subscribe, but now they have discountinued the pack.

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