3 Unique Types Of Therapy

    3 Unique Types Of Therapy

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    Emotional health and wellness are part of our daily life. There are various therapeutic approaches to maintaining this health. But every human being is different. Hence there should be more than one way to improve a person’s mental health. Whether you’re dealing with a breakup and suffering through it or you’re dealing with extreme anxiety and none of the traditional therapy treatments you’re following are working, here are some unique ways to improve your precious well-being. These methods will surely improve your life.

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    #1. Art therapy

    Art therapy is a mighty bridge that connects the consciousness with the subconscious with the help of creativity. And you do not need to possess any artistic skill to do art therapy. So anyone can do this therapy. It is a way to self-expression and through the inner conflicts come out.

    The inner battles can be solved with the help of painting, sculpting, drawing, or any other medium. Art therapy does not mean that you are creating a masterpiece.  It is just a process. The process that can help you to heal your inner conflicts.

    It is studied that art therapy helps in self-expression, increases self-awareness, and improves communication. It is a very non-judgmental way to express emotions like complex emotions, trauma, or mental health challenges. For younger people, this therapy is a place where they can find their mental peace.

    #2. Animal-assisted therapy

    Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) is all about using a four-leg friend for the improvement of mental health and well-being. Research suggests that when we interact with animals, we can reduce levels of the body’s primary stress hormone, lower levels of cortisol. In addition, research says that it increases the production of serotonin, a brain chemical associated with human happiness. From therapy dogs to equine therapy, AAT therapies result in these types of positive changes in individuals and changes in human mood.

    Animal-asserted therapies are unique therapy sessions. The animals that can be used in these sessions are dogs, cats horses, and more. These animals are used for providing the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of a person. 

    Here every session is according to the needs of the individual. So if one has a kind of experience then it does not mean that you will have the same experience. The activities that you will do with the animal are completely tailored based on the health of the person. This can include walking, grooming, or simply sitting with the animal to make a connection with the animal.

    This therapy includes a session with the online therapist who will assess your mental health and suggest the best activities to do with the animals. Through online therapy with a great platform like BetterHelp, a licensed therapist can guide how to best incorporate the healing power of animals or other coping tools into your recovery journey.

    3. Music therapy

    Music consists of complex words that touch the emotions of people. It is the best way to make a relation between the sound and the emotion. Music therapy helps to enhance cognitive functions including memory retention. Music therapy has a positive effect on the emotional and mental health of a person. The therapist helps to choose the type of music according to the needs of a person.

    Music therapy reduces mood swings and reduces anxiety and depression. Depending on the final objective of a person, you will see the difference in the music therapy sessions of a person.

    Those who are dealing with anxiety or depression will have to go through listening and creating music sessions. They use that type of music that helps in self-expression and that can help you to heal. Music-making and rhythm exercises help you to improve your social skills, communication skills, and cognitive abilities. 

    Alternative pathways to healing

    Each of these therapies has one common motive and that is the mental and emotional health of a person. These therapies take care of your mental health in a very creative way.

    Emotional healing is a person who is different from a different person. So you might have to do some experiments with your therapy sessions. You can also do a combination of multiple therapies.

    These therapies are different from the traditional way of therapy. And with the help of a personal therapist, you can unlock more potential in the therapies for mental health.


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