3 Tips For How To Get Veneers Covered By Insurance

How To Get Veneers Covered By Insurance

Are you uncomfortable with your smile? Then veneers are for you. These are the dentistry procedures that can help you to improve your smile. And regain your confidence. But as we all know cosmetic dentistry procedures are very expensive. So even one wants to get them covered under the insurance. So here is how to get veneers covered by insurance.

Quick Answer: If the veneers are suggested for medical purposes by your dentist then it will be covered by your insurance. Otherwise, You may try to Consult With Your Doctor, Use Supplemental Insurance, or Use FSA & HSA Accounts. At the same time, without medical necessities, your claim is probably rejected so please consult the respected officials.

A few ways can help you to cover veneers under your insurance. Because it is a cosmetic procedure and this is not covered by any insurance policies. The insurance covers the medical procedure only. But we will explore a few ways to do this with the help of an insurance policy.

Dental Insurance and Veneer Coverage: Know Your Policy

The first step in exploring veneer coverage is to thoroughly understand your dental insurance policy. Policies can vary widely, and cosmetic procedures like veneers are often considered elective and may not be covered. Carefully review your policy documents, paying attention to exclusions and limitations related to cosmetic dentistry. If unsure, contact your insurance provider for clarification on what is covered and what is not.

In What Cases The Insurance Will Cover For Veneers?

There are few cases in which the insurance will cover for veneers. This is because the insurance covers only medical necessities. So if you are doing this procedure for cosmetic purposes then our claim will be rejected automatically. But if the medical necessity is there, they will cover the veneers. For example, If the tooth is discolored due to any medical condition, or due to any accident and overdose of medications the doctors will suggest veneers. In this case, the insurance will cover this. Another case is when the tooth is damaged and to protect the further damage of the tooth this procedure is suggested.

So in both these cases, the doctors will suggest this procedure. And if these two are the case with you then your insurance has to cover veneers.

3 Quick Tips For How To Get Veneers Covered By Insurance

Here are a few tips that you can use to cover this medical procedure under your insurance. However, these will not work for everyone and it is not possible. Because there are 50-50% chances for this. But you can try these ways. Might work for you.

#1. Consult With Your Doctor

  • Make sure that you consult with your doctor before filing the claim.
  • There is a chance that they might suggest this procedure based on your medical condition.
  • So fix an appointment with your doctor and then start doing any procedure.
  • Because even if you go to fill out the insurance claim, the first thing that you will require is the doctor consultation page.

#2. Use Supplemental Insurance

  • This type of insurance might not cover the whole procedure amount. But you can get a good discount on your procedures.
  • And If you are lucky then you can even get the claim for a whole cosmetic procedure.
  • This plan is only for the cosmetic procedures. So there are chance that you will get a discount with your procedure.

#3. Use Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

  • Explore the possibility of using funds from a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) to cover the cost of veneers.
  • These accounts allow you to set aside pre-tax dollars for medical expenses, including certain dental procedures.
  • Check with your employer or financial institution to determine the eligibility of veneers as a qualified expense under these accounts.

You may try the above methods that help to get veneers covered by insurance. On the other hand, it’s only a 50/50 chance. So don’t expect too much about this.

Dental Veneers Price Without Insurance

Veneers is a very costly procedure. And it is all because of the materials that are being used in this procedure. But if we talk about the average price of this procedure then it is around $400 to $3000. The price can increase and decrease with your choices. It is not easy to get these without insurance.

And if the insurance covers these on your behalf then you only have to pay around 30% of this total amount. And remember this amount is only for the procedure. The pre-checkups medications, and doctor fees are not included in this.


I hope you understand all things regarding the “how to get veneers covered by insurance” question by reading this complete article. If we see the general rules the insurance will not cover this. But there are a few ways that can help you to cover veneers with insurance. And there is no guarantee then these will work for you.

Because every person has a different condition. And the terms and conditions of every policy are different.

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