3 Best Malfunctioning Neural Switchboard BG3 Solution

3 Best Malfunctioning Neural Switchboard BG3 Solution

Baldur Gate 3 is one of the most popular role-playing PC games available today. And the neutral switchboard helps the players to give commands to the steel watchers. But with the malfunctioning of the neutral switchboard, the gaming experience can be hindered. And the question is how to correct the malfunctioning neural switchboard bg3. Because many people find it difficult to solve. Hence the game was hindered in the middle.

The character’s interactions and actions are based on the neural switchboard. So when the switchboard malfunction happens it hinders the game and the moment of the character. This results in a very bad gaming experience if you’re a Baldurs Gate 3 game lover. Then you will not bear this type of hindrance during the gaming time.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Decoding the Neural Switchboard

The neural switchboard in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a complex system that governs character behaviors, decision-making processes, and interactions with the game world. It acts as the virtual brain, processing player inputs and determining the outcomes of in-game actions. Malfunctions in this system can manifest in various ways, from characters behaving unexpectedly to dialogue options not triggering as intended.

Possible Cause & Solutions For Malfunctioning Neural Switchboard BG3

There are various underlying causes of this problem. and there are solutions for these malfunctions too. Here are some underlying problems along with the solutions. So make sure to try these all.

#1. Disappearance of Zanner Toobin

The role of Zanner Toobin is very important in controlling the neutral switchboard. Because it helps to guide the use of a neutral switchboard. The reasons for disappearing are many. Prime reasons include your death during the war, or if you take rest after rescuing him.

Solution :-

  • The solution to this problem is to find the corpse of Zanner Toobin and then use the dead spell on him.
  • Now you have to enter the password. And the password is Gond name.
  • The only problem that you will find here is the name of Gond. You have to find this name only then you can use the death spell on the corpse of Zaner Toobin.

#2. Zanner Corpse Damage

The other situation that can arise in front of you is the damage to the Zanner corpse. If this corpse is damaged then you will lose one chance to get the gate password. However, there are other ways to get the password. 

Solution :-

  • You have to get the rune powerbomb. And this is available in Wulbren.
  • You will get this bomb when you will save his family from the Iron Throne prison.
  • Once you get the password your work will be done.

#3. Bypassing Of Neutral Switchboard

  • If you do not get the password then you will have one option to bypass this switch.
  • To bypass this switch, you have to solve one puzzle.
  • There is a puzzle in the necrotic lab. This lab is located in the mind flayer colony.
  • As soon as you solve this puzzle the gates will open. With this gate opening, you can bypass the neutral switchboard.

Why Baldurs Gate 3 is Popular?

Baldurs Gate 3 is very popular with all generations. Because this game has a very easy interface. And the game levels are from hard to moderate. So it is for those people who love to play challenging games. You have to use every brain cell to pass the levels here. Once you start playing this game there is no going back. Because this game is like an addiction. The characters and the graphics of this game look so real. The gamer completely indulges themselves in this game.


Here is the possible cause and perfect solution for the malfunctioning neural switchboard bg3 problem. There are various solutions to this problem. You can even bypass this witch. But to that, you have to take a completely different path. Here we have given the solution to your problem. These are the only ways to correct this malfunction. No other cheat codes will work in this. So you have to do some work in this game.

Baldurs Gate 3 is a very interesting game and no one wants to hinder their gaming experience with these small malfunctions. Hope you all will find this helpful.

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