20 Ways To Reconnect After A Relationship Break!

How To Reconnect After A Relationship Break!

Hello friends! In this article, we will look at how to get back together after a breakup. Relationship breaks up are very common nowadays. In the beginning, they fall in love with each other, but in the end, they do not understand each other and decide that separation is the only option and take the wrong decision. And after you realize your own mistake and want to reconnect after a relationship break then you can follow the below ideas that help to convince your partner.

It can be said that love is the best thing in the world and don’t lose someone you love for any reason. It is very difficult to live in this world if there is no love. This love is the true feeling between each other. In the beginning, lovers will say “I can’t live without you”, “This world is just a toy, you are the only life in it” and melt away. However, it is doubtful whether everyone will remain unchanged until the end!

Although this love is sweet in the beginning, as the days go by, due to some reasons, they think that it is better to break up and take a wrong decision. After that, if you are one of those people who understand the truth and think about that love again, then this article will definitely be useful for you. So read this article and take steps to renew your relationship.

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What Causes Love Breakup?

Common For Love Breakup

One of the most painful things in the world is the end of love. Because till yesterday we used to think that he/she is the world and suddenly we feel that he/she does not belong to us and he does not belong to our love.

Many people say that you should never make a decision in anger, I don’t know if that’s true in any case, but I believe that’s true in love because I see many breakups as a perverse decision made in anger and not knowing what to do at the time.

The enemy of love is not understanding each other. A good love must have understanding in it. If it doesn’t exist, that love is always in danger of breaking up. However, there can be many reasons for this love breakup, here I have categorized the important love breakup reasons.

  1. Misunderstanding each other.
  2. Doing without thinking anything.
  3. Absence of giving up attitude, the attitude of exaggerating even a small quarrel.
  4. Speaking impatiently, leaving words without thinking.
  5. The ego sees everything and thinks that what one does is perfect.
  6. Not spending time in the relationship and ignoring your lover, talking scornfully.
  7. Betrayal of love by your girlfriend or lover.
  8. Having more than one love (multiple partners).
  9. Lying and contradicting your partner’s questions.
  10. Deliberate avoidance.
  11. Scolding them for no reason, intentionally hurting their feelings.

In this way, we can keep hitting many reasons here. If you want to reconnect your relationship the below points help to fix a relationship issues as soon as possible.

Here Are 20 Ways To Reconnect After A Relationship Break

1) Try To Understand Your Lover And Apologize For The Mistakes

Try To Understand Your Lover And Apologize For The Mistakes

If you can’t forget your relationship and if you feel like your life doesn’t exist without them, you should definitely realize your mistake and apologize to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

If you understand him/her, half the problem here is easily solved. So if the problem is a misunderstanding, there’s nothing wrong with getting upset and apologizing to them.

If you go to your boyfriend/girlfriend yourself and apologize for your mistake without any ego, there is definitely a chance that your love will rekindle. Sometimes even if the problem is with your lover, you can forget all about it and let it go. Because giving up relationships for petty fights is not a good thing to do.

There’s nothing wrong with apologizing if your partner wants you to. Sometimes when you are at fault, they may expect you to come forward and formally apologize in order to continue the long distance relationship. So talk your heart out and ask for forgiveness.

2) Reminisce About Your Favorite Events

Reminisce About Your Favorite Events - How To Reconnect After A Relationship Brea

You two must have visited many places when you fell in love. There will definitely be some romantic memories made between you both.

It could be a gift you intended or a gift your partner gave you. Either way, it will be a great event for both of you.

Whatever the fights may be, those memories are definitely etched in your partner’s mind and that helps to reconnect after a relationship break. So you can remind your partner about this at this time. This way there is a high chance of them changing their minds.

Although it is best if you tell these events in person, if you are not in person, you can talk about it with your partner on your mobile phone or social media.

Make eye contact with them when you speak and your thoughts should come from deep within.

When talking about an emotional event, it is only when a better feeling comes that those events become reality in your mind and your partner is more likely to change their mind. So when you talk about it be formal and careful.

3) Let Your Relationship Know That Your Love Is Real And No Matter What Happens, There Will Be No Separation

Let Your Relationship Know That Your Love Is Real And No Matter What Happens, There Will Be No Separation

Whenever you have small fights, solutions should be found from time to time otherwise your love may break up soon. If your love is true, these little fights can definitely cause you a lot of heartache in the long run. So don’t let it grow for any reason.

Having a girlfriend or boyfriend that makes you feel happy is a precious gift so don’t avoid your partner in any kind of situation. Talk to your partner about this. A sure solution will be found only if both of you talk through a discussion about what things are not compatible and what things are compatible between you.

Above all, no matter what the problem is, your love is real, you will never forget your partner, and once you prove to your partner that you will never abandon them, your love will definitely be understood by your partner. After that, they will surely understand you. They will know your love. So you can try this method.

4) Let Them Know Your Feelings On Social Media

Let Them Know Your Feelings On Social Media - To Reconnect After A Relationship Break

Sometimes when your fights cross the line, your partner may feel that no contact should be maintained. So your partner may block your number so you can let him/her know your feelings on social media in such cases.

This status message will surely reach your partner’s ears through your boyfriend/girlfriend’s friends, even if he or she doesn’t see it. You can say something about your partner in your WhatsApp status or express how much you are suffering without them. Don’t overact to put status for always sad things! You may mention a few happy captions about your partner that must make to impress their heart!

If they see this, they will regret whatever their mood is when they find out that this is the status you put on them.

After this, your partner may want to talk. It depends on their mood. So you can wait patiently by sharing your feelings on social media you will definitely feel a change in your partner’s mood soon. So if you don’t know how to reconnect after a relationship break, try following this method if none of the methods work.

5) Give Them Full Freedom To Go Their Own Way

Give Them Full Freedom To Go Their Own Way

In any relationship, if there is no such thing as freedom, it will break down. This is the real truth so it doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you are in. The person in your relationship will definitely have likes and dislikes.

So their thoughts should be prioritized. All men and women have freedom. It is not right to force them to do what you say. This is a major reason for the breakdown of many relationships. So they will definitely like you when you treat them to their liking.

If you do this, such small relationship fights will not happen between you very often. So you should try to understand them and let them do what they want. On the other hand, you may try to manifest your boyfriend or girlfriend back to talk to you soon and restore your love again.

6) Make Time To Talk To Your Lover No Matter How Busy You Are

Make Time To Talk To Your Lover No Matter How Busy You Are

You may have multiple jobs and not every day is the same. You will definitely have to do a lot of work yourself in a day. Your partner is waiting for you no matter what. You should definitely talk about this with your partner even if you are working on many jobs.

You need to highlight your situation. So if you are in a relationship you should definitely make time to talk to your partner. Even if for some reason you are not making time for your partner, you can talk to your romantic partner about this and make them understand.

Any problem is always caused by not understanding each other, but if both of them talk and make a decision or understand the situation of both, then all the problems are solved here.

If you reconnect after a relationship break don’t show hatred towards your partner and always talk to them. Do this for sure and there will be no division in your relationship.

7) Don’t Stop Loving Them Even If They Are Hurt – This May Change Their Mind & Reconnect After A Relationship Break

Don't Stop Loving Them Even If They Are Hurt - This May Change Their Mind & Reconnect After A Relationship Break

Love is the most important thing in this world and your angry words can sometimes cause separation in your relationship. So you don’t give it space, let the old go. You can’t get it back so you should think more about how to fix the situation now and appease your partner.

Before this, you may have spoken angrily to your partner without understanding or because your partner has spoken angrily to you you may have become angry in return.

However, if you are trying to please your partner right now, you should not be angry. Understand that anger is not the best solution to anything. So talk to your partner kindly.

Even if they get angry with you, don’t lose your patience and make them feel your love and understanding. Only love conquers all so you can overcome this challenge if you understand that this temporary anger will definitely be overcome by love.

You can definitely convince your girlfriend and renew your relationship.

8) Take Your Situation To Their Close Friends Or Other Relations

Take Your Situation To Their Close Friends Or Other Relations

Sometimes, if your fight is so big, your partner may even want to never see you again. This way, your partner can change the phone number you want to talk to or their address to somewhere else without your knowledge.

So think twice before taking any action. If your partner can’t speak a word to you, it’s futile to think you should speak to them. So you can talk to their close relatives or their friends and make them understand your situation.

If you let your partner’s friends or relatives know that you definitely can’t live without your partner, your partner can get to know your current situation. Follow this idea only if you have no other way how to reconnect after a relationship break with your partner.

9) Ask For An Open-Minded Meeting That Helps To Reconnect After A Relationship Break

Ask For An Open-Minded Meeting That Helps To Reconnect After A Relationship Break

If you have somehow convinced your boyfriend or girlfriend to a certain extent, then definitely ask him/her for a meeting. Because the intimacy between the two of you is the most important thing here. The first step to renewing your relationship is for you both to go to a nice quiet place alone and talk and understand each other.

So go to a nice place that is exclusive to both of you and understand each other once again. Apologize for past mistakes and assure them that this will never happen again. Never lose patience when you speak. Listen even if they scold you.

Even if they keep scolding, if their heart is satisfied, that love will definitely emerge. So be patient and your love will surely come across to them beautifully

10) Make Them Happy By Doing What They Want

Make Them Happy By Doing What They Want - How To Reconnect After A Relationship Break

Who doesn’t like to do favorite things? So definitely follow this method. If you have problems in the relationship, you can find out what your partner likes and do it. This will give your partner more respect for your love. They may be surprised when you do things they don’t know.

With this, your love for your partner will surely come to their understanding and the moment when they will accept you again may soon come. Do what they like. If you don’t know those things then check their likes on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media profiles. They just don’t realize it and act first.

Regardless of all that you keep doing whatever it takes to win their heart, that love for you in their heart will surely change their mind, and your love will rekindle.

11) Talk Through Regrets And Dilemmas And Make Peace And Come To A Conclusion

Talk Through Regrets And Dilemmas And Make Peace And Come To A Conclusion

No matter what quarrels or quarrels you both have, you can only be separated because you have not resolved them before. So the only solution for this is that you talk, if both of you talk openly together you can find a solution to anything.

If you wish to reconnect after a relationship break, all you need to do is sit down together and talk about your dilemmas and the regrets you both have. That way you can find out what caused the rift between the two of you.

And both of you know this and talk about your differences together and let go of each other and rekindle your relationship. Understand one thing for sure. We can find a solution to any problem only by talking, so no matter who talks about this problem in relationships, the love will last only if the lovers in the relationship talk and understand each other.

Surely your love will never get spoiled again.

12) Remind Them Of The Happy Times When They Were Both In Love

Remind Them Of The Happy Times When They Were Both In Love

Do you know what happiness is? I think recalling some fond memories is a real joy in the heart. So sharing happy moments with your partner will surely make the relations you are talking to happy.

All you need to do is take your partner to a quiet place. You can forget all the fights and quarrels that happened between you in the past lives and you can discuss the little joys that were there, the moments when you were happy, the photos you both took happily together, wherever we have been to some favorite places, your favorite places, etc.

When you talk like that, both of your minds will go into a kind of happiness without knowing you. Your partner’s mind will think, “Whatever fights we have in our relationships, we are losing so many happy moments because of this little fight”!

If your partner’s mind feels that way, your partner will definitely feel sorry for you! Your love will rekindle between you both.

13) Rebuild Your Partner’s Trust In You That Makes To Reconnect After A Relationship Break

Rebuild Your Partner's Trust In You That Makes To Reconnect After A Relationship Break

Once your partner’s trust in you is lost, it is very difficult to regain it. So even if there are many disagreements in your relationship, don’t let your boyfriend or girlfriend lose that trust in you.

Why I say this because it is very common to have small fights in a relationship. This trust is an immovable property we have on each other in this world.

When we lose that trust property, they will definitely think twice when they trust you again, even if it is a long-term relationship. So it’s not a good thing, no matter how many fights you’ve had with your partner, if your partner wants you back, the first thing you should do is restore their trust in you.

We can’t put it into words that your partner will trust you again if you do. It is very difficult to say for sure what your partner’s trust in you is based on. So you try to understand them first and know what they like.

Make sure they trust you no matter what happens. In this way, you can read their mind and behave in a way that suits them and earn their trust. Their trust and affection is definitely priceless treasure for you.

So don’t lose that treasure for any reason. You can talk to your partner in confidence again, restore their trust in you and make your love grow again

14) Take Your Lover Back To The Places Where Both Met

Take Your Lover Back To The Places Where Both Met

As mentioned earlier, memories have the power to change our minds. Some sweet memories will definitely make us forget the trouble we have suffered and think again if we can forgive once.

So if you are in a relationship break and want to reconnect then definitely talk to make up and earn their adorable trust and make them happy by taking them to a nice memorable place where you both met.

By visiting your favorite places you can relive your old experiences and rekindle your old love. The mind gets an unexpected joy when we go there and have some experiences rather than telling them about them.

So instead of talking about your familiar experiences and making them understand, it would be better to go to those places and recount those experiences, those familiar memories and make them happy.

Your love will sweeten them again and again and get him/her interested again fast.

15) Find Out What Your Partner Wants And Doesn’t Get

Find Out What Your Partner Wants And Doesn't Get

This is one of the best tricks. Your partner might ask you something when you are happy. Otherwise, he/she may resent you saying that he/she didn’t get the best thing he/she wanted in childhood.

Have you ever asked your partner something like that? Are they upset about it? If something like that is shared with you, surely you can keep it and get your love back.

This is the shortcut method if you want to reconnect after a relationship break so far. Yes! I’m not kidding! If you fulfill the desire of your partner, then he/she will understand your true love. And their mind will definitely be very happy at that time.

So tell them about the problems that happened in your relationships at that time and ask for another chance. If you really feel and beg them to live with your relationship, they will definitely give you another chance.

This will give them a place in their hearts again and makes them regret losing you those days.

16) Never Talk To Hurt Your Partner Again – This Will Lead Relationship Break Forever 

Never Talk To Hurt Your Partner Again - This Will Lead Relationship Break Forever 

If there is a division in a relationship, it can definitely be a matter of not understanding each other. Or you may have hurt your boyfriend or girlfriend.

This can lead them to make wrong decisions without even knowing what to do at the time. With this, there is a high chance that your entire romance will be ruined. So what you need to know from this is that when you speak anything, think and speak. Understand that the other person also has a mind. Their minds are bound to be hurt just like ours.

Saying some harsh words to someone who misses you will certainly make their heartache. So there is a possibility that they might get some kind of mental illness and not know what to do and take some wrong decisions.

If you are the one talking to your partner with compromise, please reassure him anyway and give him assurance that you will not talk to your partner again with harsh words. That is the best way.

When start a conversation with your lover, you can avoid unnecessary arguments and fights. Always talk to your relations with some kind of smile and happiness.

Even if something bothers you, share your troubles with them. They will surely understand you. Letting it go and venting your anger on others in your relationships is not always the best thing to do.

And if you find any discomfort in your relationship, you can clearly tell them. You should definitely give them a great opportunity to understand and convert them for you!

17) Always Be Open With Your Partner And Share All Happenings

Always Be Open With Your Partner And Share All Happenings
Photo by Carly Rae Hobbins on Unsplash

Sometimes not talking to each other and not sharing anything can lead to cracks in relationships. So no matter what happens your relationship is important to you.

So you share all events with him. Surely he/she will understand for you. This will further enhance your relationship. A relationship needs understanding, only then will the relationship be sweet!

So don’t hide feelings or anything from your partner. That sometimes leads to your division in the long run. This is because your boyfriend or girlfriend will have a different impression of you if your partner finds out through someone else what you are hiding.

“Why hide from me?” – Some negative questions may arise in his/her mind. Thus, he/she may take some unexpected decisions. If you have done such a mistake, definitely change yourself. You can reassure your partner and promise them, “I will be open and honest with you.”

With this, the day your partner will understand you and give you another chance is definitely not far away! The day will surely come when your love will be sweet.

18) Don’t Even Once Talk To Your Partner About The Incidents That Caused Your Problems

Don't Even Once Talk To Your Partner About The Incidents That Caused Your Problems

Don’t even once talk to them about the heated events of your breakup. Sometimes it is better not to talk about some bad things. When you get the chance to talk again, don’t bring up any embarrassment or regret with your partner.

You have so many sweet memories inside of you, so the word you start with contains them all! Use good words. Build trust in your partner. Don’t talk about whatever problem is bothering you.

Because you never know what mood your partner is in when he/she talks to you again. After you calm down your partner, you can ask them to solve your love problems.

Then they won’t take it wrong but if you start having those problems when you get the chance to talk to your partner again, your partner will definitely not want to talk to you.

So you understand this and act accordingly. Even if he/she wants to talk to you a lot, when you start like this, he/she will think that he is not feeling well and should not talk now. You can do this then you can’t be able to reconnect your relationship after the break.

Doing this will cause more strain in your relationship, so don’t rush to say anything, let them talk first.

19) Discuss Your Future Life With Your Partner And Accept Their Opinions 

Discuss Your Future Life With Your Partner And Accept Their Opinions 

When you want to reconnect after a relationship break, You can talk to your partner about anything you feel comfortable with so they will have your utmost confidence when you tell them your future plans.

Because when you share future plans with your partner, always try to say that it’s not just your future, it’s our future. Tell them your partner “You are not just a fun ride, you’re my future too! So I’m asking for any of my life decision with you!”

Sometimes the separation of relationships is a decision taken without any deliberation. So don’t be that person and discuss everything with your partner. Your partner will definitely understand your plan.

So your relationship will be stronger when you both make decisions about your future together. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will definitely have a sense of freedom that they have. If they don’t like the future plans you make, your relationship will definitely not work out.

So when you make your future plans it is essential that you consider your partner’s welfare as well. Even if you break up due to any reason, when you get a chance to talk again, definitely share your future plans with your partner so that he/she can trust you more.

20) Wait Patiently For them If Their Mood Is Bad Due To Old Experience

Wait Patiently - How To Reconnect After A Relationship Break

Finally, what I would say is that your boyfriend or girlfriend’s mindset is very important. We can’t tell what mood your boyfriend or girlfriend will be in when you unknowingly have a few fights and then talk peace.

Not everyone’s mindset is always the same here. Even small things can seem big to them. So you need to be patient in this matter. You have to give them time because they have a heart and it hurts.

So you can wait a few days for your girlfriend or boyfriend to join you again and then you can slowly resume to start a conversation with them. If the two join together, the feeling of love will increase! If you value their feelings and wait for a while, your waiting love will definitely win and definitely stay!

Of course, If you wait patiently for a few days, they may change their mind. If the love between you two is true, their anger towards you will melt away like snow day by day.

But you only have to do one thing! You have to wait for them! Make him feel that you are waiting for them.

Then surely your lover will accept you when his mind changes. They will come looking for you. Even if they don’t come looking like that, if you go and pacify them, your efforts will definitely be successful.

Most importantly, speak calmly to your partner. You realize your mistake. There is something called the way you point out faults in your partner.

Whatever we talk about when we are in a good state doesn’t matter much. When there is a fight in a relationship, if both are angry that you are like this and I am like that, then one of them must give up. A relationship can only be repaired if someone goes patiently.


I hope you guys understand how to reconnect after a relationship break. During this period we see separation in relationships as a very common thing. However, there is still some real love to be had. There are still many people who have unknowingly scolded their girlfriend or boyfriend and repented and wished to get back together with them.

So if someone makes a mistake with their partner, we can definitely give them a chance when they repent and talk to us, and we can trust them without thinking that they will repeat the same mistake for the rest of their lives.

Love is about two minds! So it’s definitely not a good idea to break up over a small fight. Love also includes peace! So don’t take any decision in anger, don’t give up love for petty fights, and live with understanding each other.

By doing this our life will surely be sweet, life will be fragrant, the future will be bright and love will make us live beyond all problems!

Thanks a lot, see you again in another post.

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