10+ Canva Education Team Invite Link (2024)

Canva Education Team Invite Link

Canva education team invite link to help you get a Canva Pro team account for free. Here you get all the features of Canva Pro by joining a team. Team account is a feature of Canva that allows a team of a minimum of 5 members and a maximum of 500 members to work together.

On the internet, some teams offer free Canva pro team links, or they have some extra team accounts.

In this article, we will be sharing the Canva education team invite link, we have found on the internet. To get links scroll down to the Join Canva Education Team Invite Link section. 

What is the Canva Education Team?

What is the Canva Education Team

Canva premium subscription Canva Pro comes in two types: Individual and Team. However, for educators (teachers and their students), Canva runs a program called Canva Education. 

Under the Canva Education program, K-12 teachers and schools get Canva Pro for free!

Canva Education Team can have a minimum of five and a maximum of five hundred members. Getting an invite link means you can join these teams and get access to Canva Pro for free.

Benefits of Canva Pro

Canva Screenshots

Canva free version is available to all, however, here are some of the key benefits of using Canva Pro –

    1. Video and photo background remover – With Canva Pro, you can remove the background in just one click.
    2. Access to premium content – Pro gives you access to 75 million+ photos, videos, graphics, infographics, elements, etc.
    3. Brand kit – Brand kit is a premium feature where you can upload custom fonts, and colors, and save your brand’s unique color palette & style.
    4. Magic resize – Another premium feature that helps you to resize your created work into different forms. For example, YouTube thumbnail to the Instagram story.
    5. Cloud storage – You get 100 GB of free cloud storage (Vs 5 GB in the free version.)
    6. Animation & audio tracks – 25k+ Audio tracks and 14 animation effects.

How to Get Canva Education Team Invite Link?

Either you can ask your institute or teachers to register for Canva Education or you can join from the below links provided. As Canva Education is free for educators, they can simply join after reading the terms and conditions, and send you an invitation link.

Join Canva Education Team Invite Link

Here are 10+ Canva Education Team links, tap on them to join Canva Pro for Education 👉

    1. Link 1
    2. Link 2
    3. Link 3
    4. Link 4
    5. Link 5
    6. Link 6
    7. Link 7
    8. Link 8
    9. Link 9
    10. Link 10

(Let me know in the comment section when Canva links are not working! We will update new working links ASAP!)

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We hope you find this article helpful, these links will work until the team doesn’t reach its maximum capacity, try all the links available. Although we will be updating and checking links from time to time, it stays relevant.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Join Canva for Education?

Go to Canva for Education page > Select Get Verified if you are a teacher or Contact Us for school > Fill the form and submit the documents that show your teaching qualification > Submit the form > Once you get approved, you will get access to Canva Pro!

Pro Tip 💡 

Use your valid education email domain to sign up to get fast approval.

2. How to Invite People to Collaborate on Canva?

To invite people on Canva for collaboration, you should have a Canva Team account.

If you have a Canva team account > Tap on your profile picture > Settings > Select People from the sidebar > Tap on Invite People> Add their email address and ask them to accept your invite.

3. Is Canva Pro Free for Students?

Canva for students

Under the Canva for Education program, a teacher can provide a Canva Pro Education account to students for educational purposes. However, students can’t self-register on this program without a teacher or institute.

Here are some of the free resources for students: Canva for Students.


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